Style & Zor are two premier progressive and  tribal house DJs based out of New York City.  DJ Style and Steven Zor bring an atmosphere  and a vibe that people from all over the  world have come to experience.

 The dynamic duo has held residencies at NY's  largest night clubs including Tunnel,  Limelight, Palladium, and China Club with  guest spots held at Sound Factory, and  amongst many others. On radio, they’ve  appeared on 91.9 FM, 88.7 FM and 92.7 FM.  They have toured US cities including Miami,  Las Vegas, and Atlanta (1996 Olympics).  Knob Records presented Style & Zor at the  Clevelander in Miami, WMC 2005.

 Style & Zor performed internationally  including Germany, Russia, Italy, Turkey,  Belgium and France (Paris, Rouen, Marseille  and at the Cannes Film Festival). The duo has  appeared on London’s TV show "30 Second  Pitch" and on Turkey’s TV show “New York,  NY”. On Belgium radio, they were on Radio  21 and Radio City Groove, and in Paris on  Radio FG 98.2 and Radio Nova 101.5.

 Style & Zor are accomplished producers and  remixers. Style’s first track "Go Get A" was  released on Barely There Records (BTR).  Loop Saviors (Style & Drew Quick) track on  BTR "Ghost" reached #1 on Downtown  Records Hard House Chart and reached #5 on's Hard Trance Chart. DJ Style’s  “Attack” appeared on Mpls Ltd Records  compilation “Global Infrastructure”. Style  also remixed DJ Animal’s “Lick Your Lips”  and “Groove” for Promo Records. Steven Zor  along with Brass Giraffe, remixed Anna  DeSilver’s “I’m Free” and was released on  the Village People’s label Tomahawk  Records. Together, Style & Zor have remixed  artists including Cyre, Anna DeSilver, and  Sandra Allen from MoDu Productions. Their  debut track on Knob Records "Dude"  (Mindbender Mix) received wide industry  support. In 2005, Knob Records  features Style & Zor remixes of Bass  Rokwell’s “South Amerikan FyreFlies” and  DJ Apple’s “Graveyard Shift” which received  an M8/M8 in the December 2005 issue of M8  Magazine, UK.

 Style & Zor finished off 2005 strong and were  voted #22 of the best djs in the tribal house  genre on

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 KNOB004 Review: M8 Magazine, UK (December 2005 Issue)     DJ Apple 'Graveyard Shift/Nightbreed' (KNOB)

"I've been told this is the first published review of anything from Knob Records, so I'm very proud to be able to say that you heard it here first as your going to hear a lot from this fantastically named label. This is actually the 4th release but by far the best so far. First up is the Style & Zor remix of 'Graveyard Shift' which is set to raise a few neck hairs with it's powerful synths. Wait till you hear 'Nightbreed' though! Relentless tribal-tech which breaks into one of the best and darkest melodies I've heard for a long long time. You need this as much as you need to breathe!"

M8/M8 (Derek Taylor)

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