Born on the East Coast and raised in Los Angeles, Mike
 Giannini has been carefully developing his soulful, tribal tech
 house signature since he was a teenager, eventually
 becoming entrenched in the Los Angeles underground.

 Los Angeles' electronic music culture was especially good to
 Mike, but in the early 90's he parted from LA to California's
 Central Coast to escape the smog. His days were spent
 working out of a dusty mom-and-pop record store called
 Boo Boo Records, ordering every 12" that he could get his
 hands on. "I don't think I ever walked home with a
 paycheck," Mike chuckles. "If it was good, it was comin'
 home with me..." Quickly, Mike began playing a pivotal role
 in shaping the sounds and culture of the Central Coast. He
 began promoting top tracks on local radio stations and
 playing underground parties. Boo Boo's became the
 one-stop-shop for DJ's. "To tell the truth," Mike says, "It
 started with me needing some new needles. Next thing I
 know, I'm unpacking Technics and boxes of DJ bags,
 clothing, name it..."

 You would expect that Mike's sound was influenced by
 pioneering DJs that he was exposed to throughout the late
 80's and early 90's, but that wasn't the case. His true sound
 was being tuned not from DJs, nor from his buying
 experience at Boo Boo's, but from his coworkers. "There
 were long-timers at Boo Boo's who exposed me to music
 sounds and samples that I had never heard before: Latin
 acoustics, Salsa, Funk, Spoken Word, Soul, Gospel,
 Jazz...Without a doubt they changed the way I look at

 Invitations to spin at a variety of prestigious SF nightspots
 have been pouring in since his move to San Francisco in
 1998, including world-renowned venues Ruby Skye, Ten15,
 and Mezzanine. But Mike has always stayed true to his
 roots—maintaining his distinctive tribal tech recipe by
 blending funky, tribal, progressive and tech house styles.

 SF-based Thump Radio recruited Mike as a resident in 2003,
 utilizing his talent to produce mixes for Radio shows in San
 Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as XM Radio Channel 80
 "The Move". Also in 2003, Mixed Elements, one of San
 Francisco's premier promotion companies, announced Mike's
 residency with that organization. In order to bring
 world-class dance music to the thriving nightlife community
 in Russia, entertainment group Ray Reason Music began
 bringing US-based DJ talent to Moscow early in 2004. Ray
 Reason sought out Mike Giannini for bookings at top Moscow
 venues in Spring 2004 and Winter 2005. Fall 2004 and 2005
 saw Mike's participation in the San Francisco Love Parade,
 the first ever of its kind in the United States.

 Working out of his South of Market-based studio in San
 Francisco, Mike has produced three new tracks, each a
 collaboration with other SF-based producers. "Far West",
 produced with Kramer, is a floor-pounding tribal number
 with soaring electro synths. "Round That Track", a
 collaboration with BaLi and John Doe, is a chunky, bouncy
 rework of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl". Mike's third
 production, which is an upbeat, progressive house tune
 called "The Rhythm" he produced with DRC and features
 DRC's vocals, is being released on Knob Records. His latest
 project with John Doe is a deep, pumping choon entitled
 "New Life".

 Mike packs each DJ set with a good dose of emotion,
 consistently delivering solid programming and smooth
 mixing. His sound is chunky, funky and soulful, with a
 percussive, tech-oriented edge; always uplifting and
 energetic, with solid kicks and over-sized bass lines.

 When asked if he gets nervous before each set, he said,
 "Sure I get anxious," he pauses, "but, I just look down at
 my crate, pull my first record, and just start playing..."

 Far West - Mike Giannini & Kramer
 Round That Track - Work Force (aka Mike Giannini, BaLi &
 John Doe)
 The Rhythm - Mike Giannini & DRC [Knob Records]
 New Life - Mike Giannini & John Doe

 Mixed Elements - Thump Radio - Supperclub - Le Duplex -
 Percussion SF

 In 2006, Knob Records features Mike Giannini & DRC,
 “The Rhythm”.

 For additional information, check out the official website:
Mike Giannini

Press Kit: MikeGianniniPressKit.pdf

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