Founded in 1996 by DJ/Producer Curtis L. Atchison, New  York’s Midnight Society Productions has become one of the  industry’s fastest rising names. With partner DJ/Producer  Erik Reyes joining the team in 1999, Midnight Society has  quickly risen among the masses as one of the newest and  most exciting DJ/Producer teams to enter the underground  house music scene.

 From their very first release on Nervous Dog Records  entitled “The Tone Depth EP” in the summer of 2000,  Midnight Society continues to build an impressive record  discography that includes releases on Star 69 Records,  Sounds For People, Slaag, Lapdance, Driftwood and  Harlequin Records in the US, plus Anodyne Records in the  UK. The duo has produced original material and remixes for  some of the industry’s well-known talent such as Janet  Jackson, Missy "Misdermeanor" Elliot, Dawn Tallman,  Suzanne Palmer, Pepper MaShay, Lula, Alan T, Kaskade and  many others.

 The Midnight Society sound has been embraced by many of  today’s most sought after DJs and producers, receiving  praise, chart action and/or regular airplay from names such  as Danny Tenaglia, Tom Stephan, Saeed & Palash, Lemon 8,  Constantino “Mixmaster” Padovano (aka Funky Junction),  Oscar G of Murk, Roger Sanchez, Timo Maas, Paul Van Dyk,  Seb Fontaine, Terry Lee Brown Jr., David Piccioni of Azuli  Records, Smokin’ Jo, Alex P & Brendan Block, Peter  Rauhofer, Junior Vasquez and Ashley Beedle of X-Press 2.  Midnight Society music have also received high praise from  critics and music reviewers from popular music publications  such as Mixer, URB, DMA, Ministry, Muzik and DJ Magazine.  Many Midnight Society singles have been licensed to  numerous mixed CD compilations all over the world,  including “Miami 2002” on Azuli Records (mixed by David  Piccioni), “Terry’s Café 5” on Plastic City Records (mixed by  Terry Lee Brown Jr.), and three Ministry Of Sound  compilations including two for Ministry Magazine (mixed by  Tom Stephan, Alex P and Brandon Block) and a new 3xCD  entitled “Cultura de Club Volume 2” released exclusively in  South America back in the Fall of 2002.

 Most recently, Midnight Society has continued to increase its  reputation for producing quality dance music with the  release of a new Dawn Tallman single "Heavenly Light" on  New Jersey’s Slaag Records, which features two Midnight  Society remixes and has made its debut on Billboard’s Top  50 Club Play Chart on April 12, 2003. Midnight Society’s  latest single on Anodyne & Harlequin Records entitled  “Space Jam”, with vocalist Alan T, continues to do well with  DJs and dance clubs all over the world, now powered behind  remixes from DJ/Producer Angelo Kortez, and has just  been licensed to appear on the newly released Party Groove  CD from Centaur Music mixed by DJ Roland Belmares.  Midnight Society Productions was in attendance for the third  time at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, promoting  new releases with national and international artists such as  Tyra Robison, Shawn Carrington, Coby Koehl, Adryin, Krystal  Cruz and Bass Rokwell along with new collaborations with  DJ/Producer Rick Corbo of Nocturnal Minds, Alan T and the  London based group, Chemical X. In the immediate future,  Midnight Society plans to collaborate & release new projects  with new dance music label Oval Records in New York, as  well as the independent Pure Stirling Music in London.

 With many already successful releases and a large number  of upcoming projects to come on many labels across the  globe, the successful future of Midnight Society Productions  is eminent. Look for their name as they continue to climb  the ladder of success to stardom.

 Their first appearance on Knob is a remix collaboration with  DJ/Producer Rick Corbo on the KNOB002 release:
 DJ Style "So Bad".

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