Catalog#: KNOB048

 Format: Digital
 Date: Aug 26, 2008

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PLAY  1 - Take Me Higher
PLAY  2 - Escargot
PLAY  3 - Ride the White Truck
PLAY  4 - Living in Pangaea
PLAY  5 - Sophisticated
PLAY  6 - Inside the Bass Drum
PLAY  7 - Too Much Information

Written & Produced by Right Mood @ Mobile Sound Box Studio, Campinas SP, Brazil
(p) 2008 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2008 Knob Records, Inc.
Published by Big Fat Knob.


"Take Me Higher" - Pumping your fist and stomping your feet is the first thing that happens when you hear this slamming beat. There is a vintage retro slinky bass swing sound and a tonal magic that induces interest and attention as the climax of its message reaches its moment of liberation. Thick and full in all areas, this will please your audience in many phases and time frames of your performance.

"Escargot" - In this track, a kick and a snare drum never sounded so tasteful for an intro. The kick swells sharply as the snare smacks down short and firm, as these deeply enriched pop rhythms circle around creating altered states, allowing access to the decadent sound to follow. Raunchy bass lines roll steady as the all encompassing fillers rotate trigger points. The sonic vocoder, short synth strike patterns, and mighty clever drum FX volley and juggle with form and poise.

"Ride the White Truck" - This track seems to take on a powerful pilgrimage with its swingy high pitched synth sways, delaying storytelling synthesizer dots tumble through the center, and others fading in a revolving motion that invokes the body to move in many directions very fluid. This one is full of perplexity and fascinating surprises that are worth many listens.

"Living in Pangaea" - Advance towards knowledge that your ears have anticipated for some time now. Experience bass and melody in this future arrangement and imagine your own vision of these sounds that morph in unison permitting the doors of perception to yield the secret great wonders to come. Overall, the sound is pleasant and fun with the perfect amount of deep.

"Sophisticated" - Resolve the conflict inside through this musical lesson in fun and manic order. The structure of this music brings the sound balance to a system of chaos. Spatial rhythms and particles brought together by a snappy snare drum work in great measures for the floor. As for the juicy stuff that adds the color and vibrancies enjoy the funky bounce bass, busy electro synths, long swooping melodies, and the kicker being this deep male vocal saying "Yeah". This track will keep you wanting more, and more.

"Inside the Bass Drum" - This rocking and rolling sound is quite contagious as it gets off to a speedy start with a marvelous beat run. The transition FX are of doctorate skills and make the surprises more natural to the awe inspired listener. The panning, swirling, resonating arpeggio bass and steady stream of space sound creation mesmerize as this freak of nature piece expands and breaches minds thresholds.

"Too Much Information" - Jiving drums and FX turn double plays and making it sound easy, somehow we know that it's anything but that in these woven worlds of musical fabric. When these elements are fused together with the bass that is immensely stocked and the mutated synth oscillators, the sound becomes colossal and mosaic, while sounding simple. This is a genius formula that is sure to catch the first to spark it!!!!


KNOB048 has received support from Jason Valentino, Jevne, Greg Desty, DJ Groovy


"Escargot - great track - 8/10"
"Too Much Information - good track with a oldschool feel - 8/10"
"Take Me Higher - good filler - 8/10"
"Living in Pangaea - good track - 8/10"
"Sophisticated - great track - 7/10"
Jason Valentino, Special Events Manager/Vip Manager Nikki Beach/Release (USA)

"Another great release for Knob!!!!"
Jevne, Onethirty Recordings/Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"Escargot - Very Good - 8/10"
Greg Desty, Various Mtl/Release (Canada)

"Inside the bass drum has a cool vibe, i'll be playing this."
DJ Groovy, Kitsam Records/Sound Tribe Rekords/Inner Rhythm Records/4 Stroke Produktunes/ Records (Portugal)


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