Catalog#: KNOB047

 Format: Digital
 Date: Aug 19, 2008

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PLAY  1 - Synthesis (Original Mix)
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PLAY  4 - Many Times Ago

Written & Produced by Snigal @ Snigal Sounds, Russia
Remix and additional production by James West and Chris Mason @ Bytesize Recordings, FL.
(p) 2008 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2008 Knob Records, Inc.
Published by Big Fat Knob.


"Synthesis (Original Mix)" - This original mix is more rounded out with a trucking drum element that creates a second trance for deeper exploration of the spirits. The synthesizer seems to have a vivid unfiltered breathe that slices through the psyche. A perfect track for epic storytelling with the other mixes.

"Synthesis (Dub Space Mix)" - This matriculating matrix of genius dotted synth sequencing tells uninhibited and rampant stories. The details of these stories will stem from the open minds of music thrill seekers and will be embedded throughout their minds whenever they might need them. Yes, this music is that deep!!! Truly groundbreaking with a simple kick, minimal on the drums, leaving the whole spectrum open for clear and stagnant harmony and melody.

"Synthesis (West & Mason Remix)" - West & Mason fill in the blanks with perfection, giving the world a mix of this timeless piece with a more dance floor oriented, clubby big room sound that will fill floors, guaranteed!! The atmosphere of the harmony and melody is skillfully kept in its entirety. The large plus on this take is the sharp, pumping kick, and the fact that the claps, snares, and hi hats work cohesively with a crystal clear high frequency that will tap into the brainwaves. Don't sleep on the progressively building breakdown and its tidal wave. Kudos guys!!!

"Many Times Ago" - Twisted dreamscapes with winding slippery slopes and eerie synths that seize the minds eye. The radio frequencies of static reach out for help, but the bass line charges, and the synthesized sensory tickling effects keep the dream state intact. This is that psychosomatic science sound to be used with caution!!


KNOB047 has received support from Fernando Cabral (Right Mood), DJ Think, Jason Valentino, Greg Desty, Mikhail Mikhaylov (Solar24), Jevne, Ariel Cybana, Ricardo Motta, DJ Groovy, Faskil


"Synthesis (West & Mason Remix) - My favorite one. this track is excellent, congratulations! - 10/10"
Fernando Cabral (Right Mood), Knob Records (Brazil)

"Synthesis (Dub Space Mix) - Great - 9/10"
"Many Times Ago - Great - 9/10"
DJ Think, Fresh FM/Visionz Festival/Cannan Down/Stingray Cafe/Bar/Release (New Zealand)

"Synthesis (West & Mason Remix) - good"
Jason Valentino, Special Events Manager/Vip Manager Nikki Beach/Release (USA)

"Synthesis (West & Mason Remix) - Excellent - 9/10"
"Synthesis (Dub Space Mix) - Very Good - 8/10"
"Many Times Ago" - Very Good - 8/10"
Greg Desty, Various Mtl/Release (Canada)

"Synthesis (West & Mason Remix) - Great Mixes!! i like West and Mason mix. I will play it my Lose Myself Radio show on Pure.FM"
Mikhail Mikhaylov (Solar24), Loose Myself Digital/IQ Music Label/Universal Music, Russia/Pure Substance/Koalition Records/Knob Records (Russia)

"thats some heavy shit dude!! wow!"
Jevne, Onethirty Recordings/Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"Synthesis (Dub Space Mix) - nice melodies and ambience of this track. the synthlines are cool in this one - 8/10"
"Synthesis (West & Mason Remix) - nice solid groove and does the job on the dancefloor - 8/10"
Ariel Cybana, Digitally Imported/365 Magazine/Release (USA)

"Thank you for the new Ep!!! :)"
Ricardo Motta, BugEyed/Exun/Renaissance/Memorabilia/Urbr/Knob Records (Brazil)

"Synthesis (West & Mason Remix) - i looove the West & Mason mix, truly great remix, gets the track on a new level."
DJ Groovy, Kitsam Records/Sound Tribe Rekords/Inner Rhythm Records/4 Stroke Produktunes/ Records (Portugal)

"Synthesis (West & Mason Remix) - Nice production & remix. Will play. - 7/10"
Faskil, Frisky Radio/Ascension Records/Composure Records/Atlant Digital/Silk Digital/ FeralCode/Release (USA)


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