Catalog#: KNOB045

 Format: Digital
 Date: June 24, 2008

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PLAY  1 - Exitacion
PLAY  2 - De Cara Bonita
PLAY  3 - For the Disco
PLAY  4 - He is Up There Smiling
PLAY  5 - Ya Quiero Respirar

Written & Produced by Alejandro Roman @ Plastic Pleasure, Mexico City.
(p) 2008 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2008 Knob Records, Inc.
Published by Big Fat Knob.


"Exitacion" - Letís talk the future of rhythm. Interacting Tetris Rubikís cubes playing catch in a flawless malfunction. So fluent, the hypnosis is inevitable. Wavy bass sweeps run like a slaloming big foot down a mountain. Big techno acid house flavor. The overkill switch has been ignited.

"De Cara Bonita" - This stellar stimulator midnight cruiser really has a catchy formula with plenty of dancing drums and FX, a great hopping bass line and deep house style organ drops. The groove is snappy and demanding of attention. Any dj will get all the credit.. lucky dogs.

"For the Disco" - All the bells and whistles are ringing in the discotheque as the sound of Alejandro Roman projects life and the ultimate celebration. Dj's expect your people to love for playing this track. Harmony amongst the elements makes for a care free dance floor mood which can free them of their troubles.

"He is Up There Smiling" - Tribal cut master infusion with the swift gallop. Dark and lush filtered synth sweeps set the excursion short, long, winding, and reckless. The bass, vocal stabs and melodies tango round and round. Lots of hip swinging energy medicine for dance lovers to express their selves to.

"Ya Quiero Respirar" - Get ready to rumble in the jungle with fierce primitive rhythms, monkey whistles. The dark vintage synths say it all in the deep vibe. Survival of the fittest themes will run the crowd into a frenzy. The breakdown mutates into the beast of fate. The whole track runs fast and gives out the goose bumps.


KNOB045 has received support from Fernando Cabral (Right Mood), Ricardo Motta, Aymen Bahri, DJ Groovy, Major 12 Inch, Greg Desty, Brandon Jay, I/O CONTROL, DJ Hano, DJ Think, Hyline


"great EP, nice techno tracks... my favourite is Exitacion - 10/10"
Fernando Cabral (Right Mood), Knob Records (Brazil)

"Exitacion - Nice track.... prog tech!!!!"
"De Cara Bonita - Exellent progressive house!!"
"For the Disco - I loved this track!!!! Good work!! disco disco!!"
Ricardo Motta, BugEyed/Exun/Renaissance/Memorabilia/Urbr/Knob Records (Brazil)

"Ya Quiero Respirar - nice work for this tribal track. Excellent. - 10/10"
"For the Disco - Pretty cool loops, Really good stuff! - 9/10"
"Exitacion - Great percussion - 9/10"
"De Cara Bonita - good! - 8/10"
"He Is Up There Smiling - the vocal is good and the percussions - 8/10"
Aymen Bahri, Knob Records (Romania)

"This is a good release, very consistent 5 tracks, altough i do prefer He is Up There Smiling, it has a great feeling. Thanks."
DJ Groovy, Kitsam Records/Sound Tribe Rekords/Inner Rhythm Records/4 Stroke Produktunes/ Records (Portugal)

"some nice tracks there, will be supporting for the disco in Ibiza this summer"
Major 12 Inch, Digital 12 Inch/Abstract Records (UK)

"De Cara Bonita - Good - 8/10"
"He Is Up There Smiling - Good - 7/10"
"Exitacion - Good - 7/10"
Greg Desty, Various Mtl/Release (Canada)

"I really think this track is leaning more for a tribal techno feel. I am digging the congos and really think this is a fresh sound"
Brandon Jay, Party Crashers Inc/Desert Moon Records/Release (USA)

"De Cara Bonita - Great track with a driving energy to it ... - 8/10"
I/O CONTROL, Galaxy Nightclub (Honolulu)/Agents of Empire/Release (Canada)

"Ya Quiero Respirar - i like this tune. good uplifting track. really nice. - 8/10"
"He Is Up There Smiling - party tune! nice one. - 7/10"
DJ Hano, Bounenkai/Exotica/Release (Japan)

"good one! - 7/10"
DJ Think, Fresh FM/Visionz Festival/Cannan Down/Stingray Cafe/Bar/Release (New Zealand)

"Ya Quiero Respirar - groovy tribal - 7/10"
Hyline (Carsten Kurzidim), A&R Jetlag Digital/Adult Music/Friskyradio/Mannover/BIT Records Mexico/Atlant Digital/Release (Germany)


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