Catalog#: KNOB043

 Format: Digital
 Date: June 10, 2008

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Written & Produced by Rogerio Romao @ Groove Studio, Portugal.
(p) 2008 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2008 Knob Records, Inc.
Published by Big Fat Knob.


"Original Mix" - Take a little slide ride to a happening spot in this world called Musica Um. Groovy to the max, the track holds golden synths, bass lines, and off key hi hats that work incredibly well. It's the whirly windy high synth that comes in ever so often to create this side path to the hot spot. Enchanting, hip and full of action.

"Pumpin Mix" - This mix takes on new form in this release, getting off to a real quick start. Hell bent stabs strike and get harder, darker and more distorted. Whispering haunted synths whistle in the background as a weird ringing chime alarm sound alerts the listener. The bending bass grinders are the grappling sound of the track leading to the breakdown that is plain out breathtaking. The mix ends off traveling back to that hard hell bent place.

"Deep-R Mix" - This Deep-R mix generates a newly discovered place, a wilderness with colors never seen before, synth sounds travel out with rays of oscillators appearing and fading together. The bass line is spatial, deep and keeps the travel ongoing. The listener will be accompanied by a synthetic frog which turns out to be a great travel companion. Deep Tech house never sounded so strange and cool.


KNOB043 has received support from DJ Dove, Fernando Cabral (Right Mood), Greg Desty, Amine Bahri, DJ Craig Demo, David Phillips, Deko-ze, Ricardo Motta, Alejandro Roman, Chris Udoh, Brandon Jay, Jordi Riera, DJ Think, Andres Solano, Ariel Cybana


"I really like the original mix of this track. Thanks."
DJ Dove, Catch 22/Stealth/CR2/Essence/Milk & Sugar/Defender/Tommy Boy Silver (USA)

"3 versions are great, very well produced. My favourite is the pumpin mix. fantastic - 10/10"
Fernando Cabral (Right Mood), Knob Records (Brazil)

"Pumpin - Excellent - 10/10"
"Original - Excellent - 9/10"
"Deep-R - Very Good - 8/10"
Greg Desty, Various Mtl/Release (Canada)

"Deep-R - Dj Groovy musica um good production, my favourite is Deep-R Mix - 10/10"
"Pumpin - Excellent - 8/10"
"Original - Excellent - 7/10"
Amine Bahri, Knob Records (Romania)

"Loving the Deep Mix. Will be playing it this weekend. Solid track for the beginning of the night. It's sets a good tone for things to come"
DJ Craig Demo, Twist/Compound/Billboard Chart DJ/Tone Control Music/Release (USA)

"This is very groovy. Like the original track. This one is kicking me… - 9/10"
David Phillips, Decomplex Audio/Knob Records (Germany)

"I'm all over the Pumpin' mix! Jackin' stuff! - 8/10"
Deko-Ze, Release Records/Balance (Canada)

"Original/Deep-R - I like this tracks .....Very nice deep groove!"
Ricardo Motta, BugEyed/Exun/Renaissance/Memorabilia/Urbr/Knob Records (Brazil)

"Good EP, Like the dark and deep funky sounds on it, perfect for night start, my favourite the deep-r mix. - 8/10"
Alejandro Roman, Knob Records (Mexico City)

"Very Good - 8/10"
Chris Udoh, Sounds In Color/Balance (USA)

"Pumpin - The funky chunky progressive sound has got me dancing in my chair. Good work on this remix - 8/10"
"Deep-R - I am in tune with deepness in this track. It really makes me feel good and I will play this one for sure - 8/10"
"Original - Mr Groovy does it again. The track is bangin hands down in every way, shape and form - 7/10"
Brandon Jay, Party Crashers Inc/Desert Moon Records/Release (USA)

"Pretty good techy sounds! Love the atmosphere it creates on the dancefloor."
Jordi Riera, Balance (Mexico)

"Original - Good! - 7/10"
DJ Think, Fresh FM/Visionz Festival/Cannan Down/Stingray Cafe/Bar/Release (New Zealand)

"Good - 7/10"
Andres Solano, Balance (Costa Rica)

"Original - cool clubby track that'll rock it and no cheese or that circuitey feel either - 8/10"
Ariel Cybana, Digitally Imported/365 Magazine/Release (USA)


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