Catalog#: KNOB042

 Format: Digital
 Date: June 3, 2008

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Written & Produced by Pete Houle @ P.H Production, Canada
(p) 2008 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2008 Knob Records, Inc.
Published by Big Fat Knob.


"Original Mix" - Bring back that old bounce feeling from the old school with style in this monster breakbeat track. The action is vigorous and seriously edgy. Fun and frightening synth stabs roll with grungy arpeggios with fine resolution which takes on a wave that rises to new heights as impeccable transitions throughout the whole track give this a true cutting edge sound. Tons of thought and an almost superhuman touch make this memorable. As a dj of any culture, expect great things from playing this track.

"Breakbeat Mix" - Staggering the line for intelligent and Nuskool Breakbeat is exactly what this mix does with ease. Popping, shifting, cutting, and pumping is the name of the game here. Over the infectious beat runs a wicked stab with an attack and release that is ill. It flows naturally to the breakdown, which adds undeniable beauty in the melody and street level in the Nuskool bass. Complete future funk fabrications!!

"Dirty Mix" - The world of the lost comes into focus through these fragmented sound edits that are busy, confusing and surprisingly clarifying all at the same time, dirty indeed. A house kick drops thunder and structure, combining with fast motion hats and pulls everything into one picture. The breakdown feels like flight simulation with the sound of vocals from space travel. This track has impact and staying power!!


KNOB042 has received support from Fernando Cabral (Right Mood), LLavoe, Benny Blazin, DJ Groovy, Hyline, I/O CONTROL, Darin Epsilon, Greg Desty, Rodrigo Ramirez (Tigerhook Corp), DJ Schneider, Deko-ze, G Pal, TeeCee, DJ Think, DJ Hano, Brandon Jay, Jason Valentino


"The original version is the best, simply awesome - 10/10"
Fernando Cabral (Right Mood), Knob Records (Brazil)

"Original - Nice bass, good track all together! - 8/10"
"Breakbeat - nice track! - 8/10"
"Dirty - different sounding... i like it! - 8/10"
LLavoe, Rain Nightclub/Release (USA)

"Original - nice transitional track - 8/10"
"Breakbeat - I'm fillin the break-beat mix i like the breakdown - 7/10"
"Dirty - this is my favorite mix i could deff see a crowed moving to this - 8/10"
Benny Blazin, Knob Records (USA)

"Thanks. I like the breakbeat mix, will play it."
DJ Groovy, Kitsam Records/Sound Tribe Rekords/Inner Rhythm Records/4 Stroke Produktunes/ Records (Portugal)

"Breakbeat - Wonderful Breakbeat with good Voice sample - 8/10"
Hyline (Carsten Kurzidim), A&R Jetlag Digital/Adult Music/Friskyradio/Mannover/BIT Records Mexico/Atlant Digital/Release (Germany)

"Breakbeat - This would make for a really awesome intro track or for that calm right before you smack the dance floor back into action ... the track overall is really dark, a chugging broken beat accompanied by gritty textures and a subdued, albeit raw, synthline. A great listen, by all means. - 8/10"
I/O CONTROL, Galaxy Nightclub (Honolulu)/Agents of Empire/Release (Canada)

"I like how the acapella sample was cut up and sprinkled throughout the original. Nice groove and low end, sound quality is good as well. - 7/10"
Darin Epsilon, Balance (USA)

"Original - Excellent - 9/10"
"Dirty - Good - 7/10"
Greg Desty, Various Mtl/Release (Canada)

"WHOA!! Quite the monster!! - 7/10"
Deko-Ze, Release Records/Balance (Canada)

"Good - 7/10"
Rodrigo Ramirez (Tigerhook Corp), Balance (USA)

"Original - nice tune - 8/10"
"Dirty - nice tune - 8/10"
DJ Schneider, NY Underground/Release (USA)

"Good - 7/10"
G Pal, Balance (Greece)

"Breakbeat - Nice, smooth, and Funky. - 7/10"
TeeCee, (USA)

"great - 8/10"
DJ Think, Fresh FM/Visionz Festival/Cannan Down/Stingray Cafe/Bar/Release (New Zealand)

"Original - groovy tune. very good production. - 8/10"
DJ Hano, Bounenkai/Release (Japan)

"Original - One giant dance for EDM kind. Great prog groover here with some great tribal percussion behind it. - 7/10"
Brandon Jay, Party Crashers Inc/Desert Moon Records/Release (USA)

"Apollo - good track - 7/10"
Jason Valentino, Special Events Manager/Vip Manager Nikki Beach/Release (USA)


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