Catalog#: KNOB041

 Format: Digital
 Date: May 27, 2008

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PLAY  1 - Copy Cat
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PLAY  3 - Cloud 9
PLAY  4 - Warmin up
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Written & Produced by Jake Chec @ 246 Studio, Canada
(p) 2008 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2008 Knob Records, Inc.
Published by Big Fat Knob.


"Copy Cat" - The original breathes more a big room anthem sound with extra crisp shakers and keen synth stabs that provoke a live energy. The breakdown has a cool vocoded vocal that says "Are You Feeling This" and an all elements build that sends out an incredible rush that raises unexpected new heights and like a tidal wave, crashes out to a funky rolling ride.

"Copy Cat" (Dub) - Two components work like champs in this mix to create a winning combo. A sharp, thumping kick drum, power snares, and a wide open hi hat arrangement get the motion flowing with a force. The bass line rides in starting real choppy and fast and gradually opens up with a bright energy, more release, and a touch of resonance and reverb. Great party starter track!!!

"Cloud 9" - This musical piece is quite settling to the soul, with a fun heartwarming bass line that runs steady through the track easing a long smooth riding synth stream and funky little bass extra. The whole vibe is love, take your audience there and they will love you back.

"Warmin Up" - Crank the engine and prepare for great magnificent travels around the universe. The rhythm is dynamic and moves with the quickness. The entourage of cool resonating synth stabs are consistent throughout the whole keyboard range. The breakdown adds to the synth flavor with a clearer blend of melodies that lead to transitions that are swift and glitchy, in which keep this track moving.

"Warmin up" (Dub) - The dub mix is very fascinating in that it holds a low key, tightly wound groove with those same transient synths. The glitch edits are right on point. The track holds special quality in the mood it creates: Captivating, fun, and extremely pumping. The mixing capabilities are to not to be overlooked, acting as the performers best friend.


KNOB041 has received support from Matt Darey (c/o Conor Arkins), DJ Kramer, DJ Aragorn, Fernando Cabral (Right Mood), Benny Blazin, Damon G, DJ Mindaugelis, LLavoe, DJ Nondas, Andres Solano, Darin Epsilon, Nicholas Groen, Jordi Riera, Deko-ze, Brandon Jay, Lee Bradley, Hyline, Dave Brock, Webmen, DJ Science


"Warmin' Up and Copy Cat are superb, quality! Thanks :)"
Matt Darey (c/o Conor Arkins), Nocturnal Radio A&R (UK)

"Cloud 9 is solid. Nice track which would be great for the early part of a set. Solid bassline chugs along. Nice hook."
"Copycat Original Mix - Big. Synths are nice... Has a nice electro-y prog sound."
DJ Kramer, Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"Cloud 9 (Original) - Awesome.. I will be dropping this just as soon as it's downloaded.. - 9/10"
DJ Aragorn, Concrete Club/Double Happy/Release (New Zealand)

"Copy Cat (Original and Dub) - great hypnotic synth line. great tracks - 9/10"
"Cloud 9 - Smooth and relaxing - 9/10"
"Warmin Up (Original and Dub) - Very nice perscussion work on these tracks - 8/10"
Fernando Cabral (Right Mood), Knob Records (Brazil)

"The Clash EP: solid tunes all round! - 8/10"
Benny Blazin, Knob Records (USA)

"I love your label. I either can't play the promo, or it's in the front of my crate. This would be the later. I will definately to get this on my next promo mix, as well I will be playing it for a while. Thanks."
Damon G, Fullbodysoundsystem/Balance (Canada)

"Copy Cat (Dub) - banging huge bass , thats works ! - 8/10"
"Copy Cat (Original) - banging bomb !!! - 7/10"
"Cloud 9 (Original) - banging sound , wicked work - 7/10"
DJ Mindaugelis, Global Clubs/Release (Lithuania)

"Cloud 9 (Original) - sounds like a good intro track! - 8/10"
"Copy Cat (Original) - nice track! - 8/10"
"Warmin Up (Dub) - nice track! - 7/10"
LLavoe, Rain Nightclub/Release (USA)

"Copy Cat (Original) - Very Good - 8/10"
"Copy Cat (Dub) - Very Good - 8/10"
"Warmin Up (Original) - Good - 7/10"
DJ Nondas, Evolution/Housefunktion @ Club Exit/Release (USA)

"Good - 8/10"
Andres Solano, Balance (Costa Rica)

"Cloud 9 is my favorite cut in this EP. Really dreamy house with lots of imagination. Got a solid groove that keeps me moving. - 8/10"
Darin Epsilon, Balance (USA)

"Copy Cat (Original) - Love the vocoder, build up was fantastic - 8/10"
"Copy Cat (Dub) - Very energetic. - 8/10"
"Cloud 9 (Original) - Love the beat. Bass really fits with the drums. - 8/10"
"Warmin Up (Original) - Love the synths. MORE COWBELL, lol, just kiddin, awesome track - 8/10"
Nicholas Groen, Sound Within Motion/Release (Canada)

"Tripy deep tune. Very good construction and the way the pads come out very sutil is awesome. - 7/10"
Jordi Riera, Balance (Mexico)

"Strong stuff! My pick is the Copy Cat Dub - 7/10"
Deko-Ze, Release Records/Balance (Canada)

"Warmin Up (Dub) - Let the funk roll. This is a bumping track - 7/10"
Brandon Jay, Party Crashers Inc/Desert Moon Records/Release (USA)

"Copy Cat (Dub) - pumping tough electro, like this ;) - 8/10"
"Copy Cat (Original) - another great mix .. - 8/10"
Lee Bradley, Drum Central Recordings/Hypnomusic Recordings/Various Clubs UK/Release (UK)

"Cloud 9 (Original) - Lookin' to the Sky and find there Cloud 9! - 8/10"
Hyline (Carsten Kurzidim), A&R Jetlag Digital/Adult Music/Friskyradio/Mannover/BIT Records Mexico/Atlant Digital/Release (Germany)

"Cloud 9 (Original) - Supremely that the weather is warming, this has a lovely summer-vibe to it...brilliant - 8/10"
Dave Brock, Daybreak Heavyweights/The Blue Room @ Bourbon St. Station/Cicadia Rhythm/Release (USA)

"Good. nice - 7/10"
Webmen, Webmensuor/Release (USA)

"This is going to make a killer opener tune. Nice slow opening that gives off to a pretty driving house/breaky groove. I am going to use this on this weeks podcast. - 7/10"
DJ Science, Science & Reason ( of Signal:Noise on Entertainment/Release (Canada)


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