Catalog#: KNOB040

 Format: Digital
 Date: May 20, 2008

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PLAY  1 - Indoors Mix
PLAY  2 - Outdoors Mix
PLAY  3 - DJ Style Knob Remix
PLAY  4 - Bass Rokwell Remix
PLAY  5 - Benny Blazin Remix
PLAY  6 - Tribal Injection Remix

Written & Produced by Joao Da Silva and Nelson Lino @ Blue Room Studios, Portugal
Remix and additional production by DJ Style @ Knob Studios, NYC.
Remix and additional production by Bass Rokwell @ ENY Flo Studios, NYC.
Remix and additional production by Benny Blazin @ MotherLand Music & Shivasound Recording Studio, FL.
Remix and additional production by Tribal Injection @ SubSub Studios, Portugal
(p) 2008 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2008 Knob Records, Inc.
Published by Big Fat Knob.


"Indoors Mix" - The indoors mix generates a breathtaking vibe of enchantment. The synth has an authentic old school NY feel, mixed with many progressive elements. Sexy female vocals create intense physical dance floor static that bursts out into a solid mix of the hooks.

"Outdoors Mix" - This mix definitely opens up and feels free with a bass line that grinds and high and tight bells that ring out Donít be fooled, this mix has a rough and shady side to it with static midrange bass distortion that completely rocks. Overall, this take creates a wave for the crowd you are exciting!!!

"DJ Style Knob Remix" - Synthetic electronic flutes with classic reverb and a streaming synth rises into an completely surprising and intelligent NuSkool break beat throw down. This track is the perfect intro track for any DJ of any genre to start in high fashion. The bass lines are very cutting edge as well all the quick little drum roll edits. This is the definition of funky fresh!!

"Bass Rokwell Remix" - Bass Rokwell throws down an arrangement of dope crashing tribal drums and chord progression madness. It all comes down like a waterfall, but fierce and mighty. He creates his own male vocal parts to switch up the flavor on this release. The magnetic electricity sounds he induces drive this track to a new level!!

"Benny Blazin Remix" - Blazin puts the works on his hustling tribal hump mix. Tightly wrapped tribal congas and toms with a truly mysterious dark synth sweep melody that is introduced in the breakdown, which then takes the listener on a magic carpet ride with those seductive vocals. The build creates an orgasmic climax not to be forgotten.

"Tribal Injection Remix" - This mix has a special way of hooking the listener from the very beginning with those sexy vocals and serious erecting rise of juice before the rhythm even kicks in, but when it does....Blast Off. The party time special chunk tribal groove takes its course, quite powerful. A rolling zipper sound works the mix into a long tunnel like siren synth which swiftly lifts out into a cold breakdown filled with fantasies, the vocals, and melodical ecstasy. A sure floor filler with intense sexual influence.


KNOB040 has received support from Fernando Cabral (Right Mood), Alejandro Rado, Ricardo Motta, Bill Hallquist, DJ Craig Demo, Rodrigo Ramirez (Tigerhook Corp), Bass Rokwell, Amine Bahri, DJ Kramer, Deko-ze, Villo, Anonymo, Elroy, Jokton Strealy, Greg Desty, John Anthony, DJ Think, Brandon Jay, Jason Valentino


"DJ Style Knob Remix - that's what I call sound FXs ..crazy sounds! - 10/10"
"Bass Rokwell Remix - the peak hour version..awesome - 10/10"
"Great track, great remixes, sexy sounds!!"
Fernando Cabral (Right Mood), Knob Records (Brazil)

"DJ Style Knob Remix - awesome break beats version! really good work! - 10/10"
"Benny Blazin Remix - Just what i need... awesome version, nice percusio and sound.-. and of course i'll play it! - 10/10"
"Tribal Injection Remix - for me the best version! awesome! exelent! i'll play and chart YES!!!! really awesome version! - 10/10"
"Indoors Mix - good track, nice sound. - 7/10"
"Outdoors Mix - nice.. i like more this version. - 7/10"
"Bass Rokwell Remix - good bass... good sound... - 7/10"
Alejandro Rado, Drum Central/Moon Tribal/Next Dimension Music/Oryx music/Bellarine/Bit Records/Pure Substance Records/Magic Soul Records/Knob Records (Argentina)

"Excellent all Ep!"
Ricardo Motta, BugEyed/Exun/Renaissance/Memorabilia/Urbr/Knob Records (Brazil)

"Tribal Injection Remix - Fierce energy! Big room splender! - 8/10"
Bill Hallquist, Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart/Release (USA)

"Tribal Tarante mix is smoking!"
DJ Craig Demo, Twist/Compound/Billboard Chart DJ/Tone Control Music/Release (USA)

"Very Good. Nice! - 8/10"
Rodrigo Ramirez (Tigerhook Corp), Balance (USA)

"Very Sick Shit bro, love the tribal mixes. I'm diggin your version as well. Dope snare work, with a very smooth transition to 4 floor beat. Between all the mixes, I think this will be a very powerful well-rounded release. More than enough content and maturity for the big room or the small lounge!!!"
Bass Rokwell, Harlem Traxx/Soundgroove/Knob Records (USA)

"Great tribal work"
Amine Bahri, Knob Records (Romania)

"Very Good. keep up the excellent stuff! - 8/10"
DJ Kramer, Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"The Benny Blazin mix has been serving it!! - 7/10"
Deko-Ze, Release Records/Balance (Canada)

"Good - 7/10"
Villo, Balance (USA)

"DJ Style Knob Remix - biggest teaser track! - 7/10"
Anonymo (David Lindermere), Milano's/Release (Canada)

"Bass Rokwell Remix - this one really jumped out at me. not sure why, it's very unique. love it! good track to mix up the vibe a bit. - 8/10"
Elroy (Eli Rudenick), BeatPimpz/Ryan Dykstra Nightlife/Twenty40/Release (USA)

"Benny Blazin Remix - Groovin - 7/10"
Jokton Strealy, Pocket Underground/Mekka/
Spundae/Avalon/Release (USA)

"DJ Style Knob Remix - Very Good - 8/10"
"Benny Blazin Remix - Very Good - 8/10"
"Tribal Injection Remix - Very Good - 8/10"
Greg Desty, Various Mtl/Release (Canada)

"Very good, radio worthy track here!!"
John Anthony, Program Director, Tribal House Channel, (USA)

"DJ Style Knob Remix - great one - 8/10"
DJ Think, Fresh FM/Visionz Festival/Cannan Down/Stingray Cafe/Bar/Release (New Zealand)

"Bass Rokwell Remix - Driving progressive tech sure to please - 8/10"
Brandon Jay, Party Crashers Inc/Desert Moon Records/Release (USA)

"DJ Style Knob Remix - great track - 8/10"
Jason Valentino, Special Events Manager/Vip Manager Nikki Beach/Release (USA)


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