Catalog#: KNOB027

 Format: Digital
 Date: Jul. 31, 2007

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Written & Produced by Hi-Jackers Space
(p) 2007 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2007 Knob Records, Inc.
Published by Big Fat Knob.


"All I Want" - Hop on in and ride this progressive electro house wave. The spotted bass line, a sharp kick, and fill in the blanks arpeggios give this piece a full, well rounded atmosphere that is relaxing as well as energizing. The vocalist sings with great beauty, "All I want to do is make you realize", which takes this track to the next level.

"Take My Hand" - Reminisce back to the point when progressive house touched your heart and as the words, "Take my hand, don't be shy", are vocalized, reach out and go back to that place. Sense the deeper feel of this track and follow it to the breakdown, which is truly enchanting with its minimal form of crystal bass and vocals. The octave rises and develops into a true progression of sound, featuring a raunchy attacking bass line and old school organs. Appetizing music for the masses!!!


KNOB027 has received support from Conor Arkins (c/o Matt Darey), DJ Maytag, Tribalishious, Andrew Sawell, Jevne, Tribal Injection, Villo, Chad Cisneros, DJ Muggles, DJ Hano, Pitch Walker, Dave Brock, Alexi, Sweet Shiva, Sasha Le Monnier, JC, Marrat, Adam Johnston, Adil Amlani, Carlos Turcois, Cary Chang, Charles Yearwood, Dan Jovicic, Darcy Ryan, Dragan Jargic, Franco Mirenzi, Frank Frenzy, Hakan Ludvigson, Jaden Chmilar, JD Turbine, Jean-Francois Besner, Jeff Galaxzy, Jonathan Clark, Jordan West, Kelly Michetti, Kevin Shiu, Leonardo D'Este, Mikhail Polischuk, Rob Curtis, Sasha Le Monnier, Shion Suh, Vinny Vo, Andy Hughes, Tini Tun, Trystan Meyers, DJ Keri, David Lambrechts


"Cheers for this, All I Want is some pretty cool and funky beats! I have passed it onto Matt Darey :)"
Conor Arkins (c/o Matt Darey), Nocturnal Radio A&R (UK)

"All I Want - VERY nice, awesome vox! My crowd is gonna love this. This is type of song that people ask about so they can request to hear again next week. 100% charting probability. - 10/10
Take My Hand - I like it, but the vox isn't jumping out at me like "All I Want". Will play to see the crowd reaction - 7/10"
DJ Maytag, Venus De Milo/Release (USA)

"All I Want - is this fookin track lol what a stomper i love it !!! not my style but i will be playing when i can for sure !! - 10/10
Take My Hand - another nice track, not for me but i can see it goin down well on the floors ;-) - 8/10"
Tribalishious, Bellarine Recordings/Often Gruven Recordings/Knob Records (UK)

"Original mix is great! - 10/10"
Carlos Turcois, DJ C-Boogie/Richmond (Canada)

"Good work, like to see some remixes. - 10/10"
Dragan Jargic, Y Afterhours/Axe Music/Richmond (Canada)

"Great work. - 10/10"
Frank Frenzy, Club 246 Radio/Richmond (Canada)

"Very good work - 10/10"
Jordan West, DJ Wild/Richmond (Canada)

"Good progressive sound! Nice synths, excellent vocal! - 9/10"
Andrew Sawell, Knob Records (Russia)

"Sounds dope nice work!"
Jevne, Onethirty Recordings/Knob Records (USA)

"Again nice progressive sounds really love the vocal in All I want and a great synth the same goes for Take My Hand awesome vocals and great Progressive beat I think that these will definately make their mark on the dancefloor will play in radio set on Saturday"
Tribal Injection, Dephunk Music/Play Recordings/Filthy Groovin Records/Knob Records (UK)

"Good - 8/10"
Villo, Balance (USA)

"All I Want - Digging the bassline groove here. Energy is spot on for the dancefloor. Props! - 8/10
Take My Hand - Another solid track. Nice work. - 7/10"
Chad Cisneros, Lost Language/Baroque/Alter Ego/AvA/Pangea/Knob Records (USA)

"A touch more blue eyed than I tend to play, but very good nonetheless - 8/10"
DJ Muggles, Sub_Minimal/Sleaze Tax Recordings/Balance (USA)

"All I Want - awesome tune, Sound is uplifting, really great production. - 8/10
Take My Hand - very cool Sounds! I like this style. - 8/10"
DJ Hano, Bounenkai/Release (Japan)

"All I Want - Nice track with sick vocals and good energy. Nice work overall, thanks! - 8/10
Take My Hand - nice track, good vocals - 7/10"
Pitch Walker, Lost On Main/Club Vegas/Release (USA)

"All I Want - Serious energy in this bouncin' monster - vocal is seriously sexy - 7/10
Take My Hand - Powder keg of energy exploding all throughout this tasty bit! - 7/10"
Dave Brock, Daybreak Heavyweights/The Blue Room/Cicadia Rhythm/Release (USA)

"All I Want - I like the vocal here this is a cool track oh yeah!! - 7/10
Take My Hand - another nice vocal I like this it really moves yeah!! - 7/10"
Alexi, Autonomous Bassheads/Release (USA)

"All I Want - for my house party - 7/10"
Sweet Shiva, Qubec Vibes/Dj Libel (promotor)/Terminal Night Club/Release (Canada)

"All I Want - like the more funky feel to this mix and will work well in building my sets... nice vocal! - 7/10"
Sasha Le Monnier, Fiberlineaudio/Toryumon UK/Source Of Gravity & Gravition/Electronic Project/Di.Fm/ Radio/Frisky/Release (UK)

JC, Balance (United Arab Emirates)

"Take My Hand - Pretty good track. Thanks! - 7/10"
Marrat, Blu Gin/The Gossip/Silver After Hours/Release (USA)

"A bit commercial for my liking. - 9/10"
Adam Johnston, DJ Powder/Richmond (Canada)

"Definitely cool. - 9/10"
Adil Amlani, Sure Copy Centre/Richmond (Canada)

"Wicked basslines. - 8/10"
Cary Chang, Feroshus/Richmond (Canada)

"Like the original All I Want bassline! - 9/10"
Charles Yearwood, Nike Brand Marketing/Richmond (Canada)

"Solid tunes! - 9/10"
Dan Jovicic, DJ Mute/Richmond (Canada)

"Great work, great mixes. - 9/10"
Darcy Ryan, Flipside Productions/Richmond (Canada)

"Decent, not totally to my taste. - 8/10"
Franco Mirenzi, Hipnotika Entertainment/Richmond (Canada)

"I like Take My Hand. Vocals are alright. - 7/10"
Hakan Ludvigson, Substream/Richmond (Canada)

"Solid EP. - 9/10"
Jaden Chmilar, DJ Jayfresh/Richmond (Canada)

"Like the drums - 7/10"
JD Turbine, DigiPrana/Sirus Radio/Richmond (USA)

"Very good. - 9/10"
Jean-Francois Besner, Daymus Entertainment Group/Richmond (Canada)

"It's got a lot of flow, cool vocals. - 9/10"
Jeff Galaxzy, Connect Festival/Richmond (Canada)

"Definitely solid work. - 9/10"
Jonathan Clark, DJ Bolivia/Richmond (Canada)

"Cool bassline in Take My Hand - 8/10"
Kelly Michetti, Rudy Electro/Richmond (Canada)

"Solid work all around. - 9/10"
Kevin Shiu, DJ Kevin Shiu/Richmond (Canada)

"Sweet tracks. - 9/10"
Leonardo D'Este, DJ DMOS/Richmond (Canada)

"Good bass on All I Want. - 8/10"
Mikhail Polischuk, Connect Festival/Richmond (Canada)

"Very cool EP. - 9/10"
Rob Curtis, Warehouse/Richmond (Canada)

"Not bad. - 7/10"
Sasha Le Monnier, Source of Gravity/Richmond (Canada)

"Good club tracks. - 9/10"
Shion Suh, DJ Shion/Richmond (Canada)

"Good work. - 8/10"
Vinny Vo, Sushi Crew/Richmond (Canada)

"SWEET track!!! Sounds great LOUD!! - 8/10"
Andy Hughes, Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"Good - 8/10"
Tini Tun, Fade Records/Balance (Mexico City)

"Good production, impressed with this release. - 9/10"
Trystan Meyers, T-Bone/Richmond (Canada)

"All I Want" - sounds great! I think this one will do well both in circuit clubs as well as straight-edge. - 9/10"
DJ Keri, Playboy Model/At Large/Radikal Records/Vanguard/Funkwax/Waako/Toucan Cove/ Hexx Music/Good Pussy Records (USA)

"Like it!"
David Lambrechts, Mostiko Records (Belgium)


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