Catalog#: KNOB025

 Format: Digital
 Date: Jul. 3, 2007

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PLAY  1 – Ethnic Slur
PLAY  2 – Work Da Goose
PLAY  3 – Turkey Calls
PLAY  4 – Turkey Calls (Turk Is Shakin Mix)

Written & Produced by Taner K @ Drive Recordings, USA.
(p) 2007 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2007 Knob Records, Inc.
Published by Big Fat Knob.


"Ethnic Slur" - A space walking freak of nature's in search of its prey, stampeding awkwardly to the bass line with its head on a swivel. The anticipation of action to come is cleverly orchestrated on the breakdown where the slow motion effect takes place, slowly building to a climatic aggression powered by dark and wicked synth streams and distant pipe drums. Dope minimal house!!!

"Work Da Goose" - Mechanical chain gang of tribal fused tech house that intrigues the imagination, especially due to its authentic marching wide kick thumps, where the beautiful confusion begins. The swampy whistle toots as bass organs sweep through and flames are everywhere. As the brain registers suspense, suspects accent where they can, connecting themselves at the seems and the equilibrium of elements is reached static free.

"Turkey Calls" - With an intro that wanders towards unknown sectors, the kick then takes charge with its low pitched stomp bringing crazy drama. A mission has been launched! 4/4 bass leads that fences with offshoot hi hats can really move some feet out on that dance floor. The stabs come from the abyss to form a dark progressive sounds cape that is pure mystique!

"Turkey Calls (Turk Is Shakin Mix)" - Steady broken house kick shaking out the kinks and a rip and scream synth arraignment, double kick shuffle, and bassy slides all work together to build a plot for any thinking DJ's set. Very spatial and intelligent, DJ's of many diversities will love this one.


KNOB025 has received support from Conor Arkins (c/o Matt Darey), Craig Mitchell, DJ Reality, Andrew Sawell, Southmen, Gunther & Stamina, Bodo Felusch, DJ 2rip, Sweet Shiva, Villo, Tribal Injection, Rokkman, LLavoe, Monty Q, Marrat, JC, DJ Tekes, Pitch Walker, Edan Everywhere, Tini Tun, Tom Piper, Andy Hughes


"Many thanks for this, some absolutely crazy stuff here LOL. Have passed the tunes onto Matt Darey :)"
Conor Arkins (c/o Matt Darey), Nocturnal Radio A&R (UK)

"LOVE THIS...been dropping this one for a bit. Taner hooked me up with it and I LOVE IT!"
Craig Mitchell, Slanted Black (USA)

"Thanks again for another nice Knob-release! I prefer Ethnic Slur, one of the best Knob releases ever! I will chart this!"
DJ Reality (Belgium)

"Turkey Calls - definitely I like it! full of energy. very good! - 9/10"
Andrew Sawell, Knob Records (Russia)

"Ethnic Slur - Good - 9/10"
Southmen, Yoshitoshi Recordings/Release (Uruguay)

"Ethnic Slur - Very nice track here, will put it in my top 20 best tracks. Love this acid sound init - 9/10
Work Da Goose - well it's not really a tribal track. There is some percussion in it but I would comsider it as a minimal track. And this guy has definitely a signature - 8/10
Turkey Calls (Turk Is Shakin Mix) - Very agressive track. Loved the Bass drum in it - 8/10"
Gunther & Stamina, ReadyMix Records/BO18/MonthlyRelease (Canada)

"Ethnic Slur - minimal sound full of surprises, a combination of cool sound that I have never heard befor like this, COOL! - 8/10
Turkey Calls (Turk Is Shakin Mix) - Holy Shit, this is Deep Tec, straight forwarding into your mind, perfect groove, thank you - 9/10"
Bodo Felusch, Unvirtual-Music/MonthlyRelease (Germany)

"Ethnic Slur - I like this the best out of the releases. The synths are solid and the beat is driving. This would be to lay on a dancefloor. - 9/10
Turkey Calls - Very evil & dark! The synths really sell this one. - 8/10
Turkey Calls (Turk Is Shakin Mix) - Very evil & dark! - 8/10"
DJ 2rip, District Ignition/ILR (USA)

"Ethnic Slur - yes i am - 8/10
Work Da Goose - need somebody!!! - 8/10
Turkey Calls - really - 8/10
Turkey Calls (Turk Is Shakin Mix) - da da da!!!! - 9/10"
Sweet Shiva, Qubec Vibes/Dj Libel (promotor)/Terminal Night Club/Release (Canada)

"Good - 8/10"
Villo, Balance (USA)

"The Meat In My Sandwich EP - Great Beats and programming very techy sound nice and deep, not to much for me but I'm sure some people will love this. the synth is just awesome in the Turk Is Shakin Mix"
Tribal Injection, Dephunk Music/Play Recordings/Filthy Groovin Records/Knob Records (UK)

"Turkey Calls (Turk Is Shakin Mix) - cool progreesive tune - 8/10"
Rokkman, Metro/MonthlyRelease (Ukraine)

"Ethnic Slur - nice track... - 7/10
Work Da Goose - Great track! - 8/10
Turkey Calls - deep track, enjoy the synths and bass lines in it. - 7/10
Turkey Calls (Turk Is Shakin Mix) - nice~! - 7/10"
LLavoe, Rain Night Club/Release (USA)

"Work Da Goose - music for the dancing gander - 7/10
Turkey Calls - edgy above-average transitional track - 7/10
Turkey Calls (Turk Is Shakin Mix) - So this is weher the turkry turns it out... fun - 8/10"
Monty Q, Billboard DJ/Clubs Nationwide/Release (USA)

"Ethnic Slur - interesting sounds combined into this track.. the track sounds more like techno though... thanks - 7/10
Work Da Goose - good track this one too... it keeps almost the same sound line but has some new loops and sounds... pretty good. thanks - 7/10
Turkey Calls (Turk Is Shakin Mix) - more melodic... has a good rhythm and a nice base line. thanks - 8/10"
Marrat, Blu Gin/The Gossip/Silver After Hours/Release (USA)

"good - 7/10"
DJ Tekes, Balance (Costa Rica)

"Turkey Calls (Turk Is Shakin Mix) - nice track - 7/10"
Pitch Walker, Lost On Main/Club Vegas/Release (USA)

"Turkey Calls - The second I first heard this it reminded me of the earlier rave days gone away. It's mostly due to the eerie echoy synth stabs. This will definitely take some people back! Nice. - 7/10"
Edan Everywhere, Listen to Reason/Brown Paper Bag/Oblivion Fringe/ILR (USA)

"Good - 7/10"
Tini Tun, Fade Records/Balance (Mexico City)

"Yo like this, It’s not so far off some of the stuff im playing but not 100% on it!"
Tom Piper, Bambam Muzik (Australia)

"best mix for me on this one. - 7/10"
Andy Hughes, Balance (USA)


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