Catalog#: KNOB023

 Format: Digital
 Date: Jun. 5, 2007

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Written & Produced by Touch Dirty @ Darkdrum Studio, UK.
(p) 2007 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2007 Knob Records, Inc.
Published by Big Fat Knob.


You asked, we listened and now Knob presents the requested Dubs and Instrumentals!

"Take a Ride" - Right from the get-go this track has the ability to connect with the crowd.. Progressive old school flow that laces a great beat mix in and out for just about any house DJ. The flip side is that this track has a true nuskool sound to it. Get ready to go there!!

"Turn Dat Sh!t Up" - Touch Dirty rounds up this EP with a mechanical grinder of a track, emboldened by the bass and boundless beyond the melody. The rhythm pushes and pulls like rubber bands, invoking a heavy head bob and a footloose body.


KNOB023 has received support from Paul Oakenfold (c/o Kenneth Thomas), Serge Devant, Dennis Simms, Michael Dunham, Tarot, Marrat, Alejandro Rado, Joachim J, DJ Mindaugelis, Sweet Shiva, J Price, MV, David Phillips, Fernando Ortiz, Andrew Sawell, Glenn Bennison, Pitch Walker, Mark Pappas (Tigerhook Corp), DJ Mute, Chris Viets, Thee-O, Aaron Mossey, Villo, Andrew Campbell, DJ X Man, Andy Hughes, DJ Science, Ron Levy, 2 Tall Keith, Kevin Shiu, Deko-ze, Adil Amlani, Brain Denomey, Brian Leaky, Carlos Turcois, Cary Chang, Charles Yearwood, Dragan Jargic, Darcy Ryan, Dave Johnston, Franco Mirenzi, George Niki, JD Turbine, Jean-Francois Besner, Jeff Galaxzy, Jonathan Clark, Kelly Lithium, Marc Dandurand, Michael Oliveira, Mikhail Polischuk, Nick Oliver, Peter Mandziuk, Rich Watt, Rob Little, Frank Frenzy, Vinny Vo, Alex Oliver, Tini Tun, Tom Piper, Safe FM, Bodo Felusch, Joel Armstrong


"Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Instrumental) - i think this and Take a Ride are the best tracks i've heard from Knob to date. Very very big dance floor records me thinks! - 9/10
Take a Ride (Dub) - GNASTY with a capitol GGGGG. Crazy bassline for sure. - 8/10
Take a Ride (Instrumental) - read the response to the dub.. (capital GGGGGGGGGGGG!!)- 8/10"
Paul Oakenfold (c/o Kenneth Thomas), Perfecto Records/Maverick/Release (UK)

"Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Dub) - YESSS - 10/10"
Serge Devant, Crobar Resident/Ultra Records/Hooj Choons/Release (USA)

"Take a Ride (Dub) - Perfection! deep dark and dirty - 10/10"
Dennis Simms, 88.9fm KUCI/Riders of the Plastic Groove/Shark Club/Release (USA)

"Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Dub) - hell yeah, this is some funky lecto house. great synth work. nice and dirty. straight 4 to tha floor lov. another great track with good style - 10/10
Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Instrumental) - hell yeah, this is some funky lecto house. great synth work. nice and dirty. straight 4 to tha floor lov - 10/10"
Michael Dunham, Muzak/OM Records/OM Hip Hop/Tutto Mundo/Chocolate Ber/ILR (USA)

"Phenominal tracks and excellent production. - 10/10"
Jeff Galaxzy, Connect Festival/Richmond (Canada)

"Over all, very good club tracks. - 10/10"
Jonathan Clark, DJ Bolivia/Richmond (Canada)

"Touch Dirty has an awesome sound, I like these tracks - 9/10"
JD Turbine, DigiPrana/Sirus Radio/Richmond (USA)

"Take a Ride (Dub) is my choice. I like synth line a lot. Perfect for my electro house sets. - 9/10"
Tarot, Tweek'd/Eightball Trax/Catch22 Rec/Womb Rec/Knob Records (Japan)

"Take a Ride (Dub) - very very good sounds/loops and a proper base line. the track sounds very good so i`m rating it 9. thanks - 9/10
Take a Ride (Instrumental) - just like the dub version this one sounds perfect wich is why i`m rating it 9. great track. thanks - 9/10
Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Instrumental) - the instrumental version sounds better than the dub version. absolutely great base line and loops/sounds. thanks - 8/10"
Marrat, Blu Gin/The Gossip/Silver After Hours/Release (USA)

"Take a Ride (Dub) - Nice track, love sound! - 8/10
Take a Ride (Instrumental) - Like more this version!! Nice track and love sound of course! - 8/10
Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Dub) - Very very fucking track!!! Its not my style, but i will play in my set!! Love this track! - 9/10
Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Instrumental) - I love more this version man!!! Very very fucking track!!! Its not my style, but i will play in my set!! Love this track, awesome track! - 9/10"
Alejandro Rado, Drum Central/Moon Tribal/Next Dimension Music/Oryx music/Bellarine/Bit Records/Pure Substance Records/Magic Soul Records/Knob Records (Argentina)

"Take a Ride (Dub) - good electro sound, & percussive rythm sounds - 9/10
Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Dub) - very good energic track, i like it - 8/10"
Joachim J, Oxxo Discothek/ILR (France)

"Take a Ride (Dub) - This's one of best tune, amazing Bomb !!! - 9/10
Take a Ride (Instrumental) - Big Bomb tune, it works !!! - 8/10
Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Dub) - very nice work with great electro elements i like it - 8/10
Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Instrumental) - great tune this sound works ! - 7/10"
DJ Mindaugelis, Global Clubs/Release (Lithuania)

"Take a Ride (Dub) - easy shot, tanks - 9/10"
Sweet Shiva, Qubec Vibes/Dj Libel (promotor)/Terminal Night Club/Release (Canada)

"Take a Ride (Dub) - Great track, love the sounds, the dirty bass! - 9/10
Take a Ride (Instrumental) - Good mix. - 8/10
Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Instrumental) - Cool track, love the modulated low/mid content. - 8/10"
J Price, Cloud 9 Radio/Orijinn/Release (USA)

"Take a Ride (Dub) - filthy lead up. like the steel drums - 8/10
Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Dub) - good fx. string pad is great. - 7/10"
MV, Tao Recordings/Release Records/Little Mountain/Stereo Nightclub (Canada)

"2 fine tunes. In my wallet. - 8/10"
David Phillips, Decomplex Audio/Knob Records (Germany)

"Take a Ride (Instrumental) - nice synth melody, great electro bassline, it will work... - 8/10
Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Instrumental) - I was waiting for this instrumental mix, it will work... - 8/10"
Fernando Ortiz, Club Vertigo/Release/Balance (Costa Rica)

"I like that. Expressive. Good work! - 8/10"
Andrew Sawell, Knob Records (Russia)

"Dirty, Dirty, Dirty shit man! This thing rocks it. Playing both mixes. Doing really well for my gigs. - 8/10"
Glenn Bennison, Balance (USA)

"Take a Ride (Dub) - nice track, dirty electro, good stuff here - 8/10
Take a Ride (Instrumental) - another great mix here, I will play this out - 8/10
Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Dub) - nice track - 7/10
Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Instrumental) - nice track, I will play this version out - 8/10"
Pitch Walker, Lost On Main/Club Vegas/Release (USA)

"cool tracks... feeling turn dat shit up most - 7/10"
Mark Pappas (Tigerhook Corp), Bedrock/Hooj Choons/Saw/South Records/Balance (USA)

"Take a Ride (Dub) - Love the flow of energy throughout this track. Very driving! Will move the masses. - 8/10"
DJ Mute, Frisky Radio/Interference Productions/Release (USA)

"Take a Ride (Dub) - dirty track, great! - 8/10"
Chris Viets, Blu/Reticent Recordings/!keepitsimple!/Release (USA)

"Loving the dirty basslines on these tracks...sick stuff. - 7/10"
Thee-O, Allied/Biohazard Digital/South Records/Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"Take a Ride (Dub) - Excellent dirty baseline and electro elements. Will see how this plays out. - 7/10
Take a Ride (Instrumental) - Powerful and gritty work here. Prefer the low end tendencies on this of the two. - 8/10"
Aaron Mossey, Diskotek @ Fluid/Beat Science/MCast @ (Canada)

"good collection - 7/10"
Villo, Balance (USA)

"Take a Ride (Dub) - grooovalicious and stomping - 7/10"
Andrew Campbell, Interview/ETN.FM/Obsession/Release (Australia)

"Good - 7/10"
DJ X Man, Balance (Puerto Rico)

"I liked those 2 tracks! - 7/10"
Andy Hughes, Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"Take a Ride (Dub) - I love the phat bass line. This track has a great gritty feel to it. - 7/10
DJ Science, Science & Reason ( of Signal:Noise on Paradigm/Rampent Entertainment/Release (Canada)

"driving, fucked-up and twisted...favorite Knob release of recent memory... - 7/10"
Ron Levy (Shylock), Balance (USA)

"these 2 were cool"
2 Tall Keith, Sirius Satellite Radio, (USA)

"heavy sounding tracks, lots of energy,I will give this a good play for sure. Thank you"
Kevin Shiu, Balance (Canada)

"Turn Dat Shit Up is doin' the business!! - 7/10."
Deko-Ze, Release Records/Balance (Canada)

"Nice, smooth prog sound. - 8.5/10"
Adil Amlani, Sure Copy Centre/Richmond (Canada)

"Sweet synths. - 8/10"
Brain Denomey, Stereo Shift/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice Dub mix on Take A Ride. - 7/10"
Brian Leaky, DJ Leekee/Richmond (Canada)

"Love the chords on the Turn That Shit Up! - 8/10"
Carlos Turcois, DJ C-Boogie/Richmond (Canada)

"Dub mix of both tracks is hot. - 8/10"
Cary Chang, Feroshus/Richmond (Canada)

"Cool glitch on Take A Ride Dub. - 8/10"
Charles Yearwood, Nike Brand Marketing/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice use of bit crushing on Take A Ride. - 7.5/10"
Darcy Ryan, Flipside Productions/Richmond (Canada)

"Monster tunes. - 7/10"
Dave Johnston, Union Events/Richmond (Canada)

"Excellent progressive/dark house. - 8/10"
Dragan Jargic, Y Afterhours/Axe Music/Richmond (Canada)

"Very nice use of drums in the dub mix of Take A Ride. - 8/10"
Franco Mirenzi, Hipnotika Entertainment/Richmond (Canada)

"Great tracks. Will play for sure. - 8/10"
George Niki, Stereo/Richmond (Canada)

"Stellar prog. - 8/10"
Kelly Lithium, Blacktiger Recordings/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice, hard Dub mixes. - 7/10"
Marc Dandurand, DJ Driver/Richmond (Canada)

"Dub mix of Turn Dat Sh!t Up is my pick. - 8/10"
Michael Oliveira, DJ Wizard/Richmond (Canada)

"Great synths and 'chimes' on the dub mix of Turn Dat Sh!t up. - 7/10"
Mikhail Polischuk, Connect Festival/Richmond (Canada)

"Will use all of these, yeah! - 8/10"
Nick Oliver, Revolution Records/Richmond (Canada)

"Loving the first track. - 8/10"
Peter Mandziuk, DJ Trapz/Richmond (Canada)

"Touch Dirty does a killer job. - 7/10"
Rich Watt, DJ Fixation/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice breakdown on the dub mix of both tracks. - 7/10"
Rob Little, DJ Rebl/Richmond (Canada)

"Sweet dub mixes. - 8/10"
Frank Frenzy, Club 246 Radio/Richmond (Canada)

"Love the vibe of all of these tracks. - 8/10"
Vinny Vo, Sushi Crew/Richmond (Canada)

"All tracks are with a good quality, i will play them all - 8/10"
Alex Oliver, Vaticano Club/TSB (Theater S Bandeira)/Abana Club/Release (Portugal)

"Good - 8/10"
Tini Tun, Fade Records/Balance (Mexico City)

"I like the Take a ride Dub best.. never heard that vox mix as ya know but I like stuff more dubby.. its nice.. other is good too but I like Take best. Not mainroom big time set stuff but will def sit perfect when im playing early or very late.. will burn down into my shit"
Tom Piper, Bambam Muzik (Australia)

"We are REALLY feeling this EP the preview sounds great and will definitely fit it into our stream for you."
The SAFE FM Crew, Safe FM (UK)

"Take a Ride (Dub) - Like the bassline, it is funky deep shit, well produced - 7/10"
Bodo Felusch, Cologne/MonthlyRelease (Germany)

"Turn Dat Sh!t Up (Dub) - nice solid groove. great for getting the night started - 7/10"
Joel Armstrong, Baroque/Ruhnsong/Babylon/Lyon Echo/Emote/MonthlyRelease (Canada)


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