Catalog#: KNOB018

 Format: Digital
 Date: Apr. 3, 2007

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PLAY  01. Yellow Doors
PLAY  02. Plastic Pleasure
PLAY  03. Interesante
PLAY  04. Latin Labs
PLAY  05. Colorful Spectrum
PLAY  06. Estrigmene Acres
PLAY  07. After 9
PLAY  08. Bread And Fear
PLAY  09. Nine Hundred Souls
PLAY  10. No Matter Why

Written & Produced by Alejandro Roman @ Plastic Pleasure, Mexico City.
(p) 2007 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2007 Knob Records, Inc.
Published by Big Fat Knob.


The global influence of house music throughout nations across the world is what makes it so unique. Alejandro Roman's "Natural LP" puts Mexico on the map with this cornerstone bookmark of house music!! The music is completely underground in nature, and as novel and diverse as anything out today. All theses tracks are quite noteworthy. "Colorful Spectrum", will grab the attention of any tribal DJ, especially those that love that funky Latin jazz piano fiesta funk. Hips and shoulders will shimmy and dancing will be memorable. "Latin Labs" follows the same route with a more progressive feel, aggressive rhythm and dope resonating bass. "After 9", and "Bread and Fear", represent Alejandro's take on the pumped up tribal techno in it's highest form with extremely danceable rhythms, acid synth flow, chants, peaks and valley's and plenty of other hidden goodies. "Plastic Pleasure", shows even more diversity, featuring the dopest filter factory streamlining break beat pump. Very tribal in influence and juicy to the max with its progressive synth flow. All tracks are DJ friendly and well constructed. Dos Corona's Por Favor!!!!


KNOB018 has received support from Jaimy, Chad Bozzarelli, Adil Amlani, Charles Yearwood, Dragan Jargic, DJ Manzo W, Benny Blazin, Michael Dunham, Tribalishious, Naveen G, DJ DRC, Alejandro Rado, Nils & Tooms, Jesus Arze, Christian Boshell, Ariel Cybana, Thee-O, Edan Everywhere, S.A.L.V.A., Deko-ze, Dan Bino, Chris Udoh, Fernando Ortiz, Dakasound, Brain Denomey, Brian Leaky, Carlos Turcois, Cary Chang, Darcy Ryan, Dave Johnston, Frank Frenzy, Franco Mirenzi, George Niki, Ike (Erik) Petterson, Jean-Francois Besner, Jeff Galaxzy, Jonathan Clark, Kelly Lithium, Marc Dandurand, Michael Oliveira, Mike Grefner, Mikhail Polischuk, Nick Oliver, Peter Mandziuk, Rich Watt, Rob Little, Vinny Vo, Jason Morley, Jon Viera, One Eye Jack, Hernan Cerbello, JC, DJ Groovy, Adam Jace, Max Cagliero, Geoff Roberts, Ricky Ryan, DJ Tekes, Alex Oliver, Serge Devant, Rick Corbo, Chris Kniker


"this guy is really good!!! great sound, very creative...basically i love all Alejandro does! ;) Full support from me! Will play on radio & chart!! ;)"
Jaimy, Fatal Music (Netherlands)

"Yellow Doors - ONE OF A KIND! This is a techno floor mover without a doubt. Trippy vocals tear through the rugged riffs of bassline and drums. - 10/10
Plastic Pleasure - Alejandro Roman is on FIRE! This track is a genrevore. It's a cross between breaks and techno but layered with a trancey synth melody that adds drive through the whole track. Yet another dancefloor pleaser. - 10/10"
Chad Bozzarelli, District Ignition/ILR (USA)

"Alejandro rocks the house. - 10/10"
Adil Amlani, Sure Copy Centre/Richmond (Canada)

"I will play both Yellow Doors for sure. - 10/10"
Charles Yearwood, Nike Brand Marketing/Richmond (Canada)

"I played Plastic Pleasure last week. Went off! - 10/10"
Dragan Jargic, Y Afterhours/Axe Music/Richmond (Canada)

"After 9 - ch00n - 10/10"
DJ Manzo W, Immortal Records/Release (USA)

"Yellow Doors - Love the soft synth and tribal flavor of this track. - 9/10
Plastic Pleasure - From the time this track came on I was nodding my head. - 10/10
Latin Labs - Im filling the melody in this track. It takes you off to a better place. - 8/10
Colorful Spectrum - The Latin Piano NICE made for the Miami South Beach. - 9/10
Estrigmene Acres - 8/10
After 9 - Love the latin rhythm of this track. - 9/10
Bread And Fear - 8/10
Nine Hundred Souls - This track is crazy. - 10/10"
Benny Blazin, Knob Records (USA)

"Yellow Doors - 8/10
Plastic Pleasure - 7/10
Interesante - This is simply a masterful EP. I love every mix. I don't know what else to say! - 10/10
Latin Labs - 8/10
Colorful Spectrum - Another great track. This release is banging! - 9/10
Estrigmene Acres - 8/10
Bread And Fear - the synth lines are awesome and I love the tribal loops. Great track! - 8/10
No Matter Why - 7/10"
Chris Kniker, Amped Records (A&R Director)/Pure Music Label Group/Gig Records/Release (USA)

"Latin Labs - people who like Fade records will love this track. well developed with big break downs and nice drum programming. this track grabs a hold of you. this will get some played by the bigger dj's for a main room jam - 9/10
Colorful Spectrum - this is on the house side of things mice piano work and has a latin feel to it. has more of that funky side of house music 4 to the floor - 9/10
Estrigmene Acres - tribal house; echoing vocals that have deeo fileter. miami sounding keyboards. banging big beat in the background bordering on trance - 9/10"
Michael Dunham, Muzak/OM Records/OM Hip Hop/ILR (USA)

"Interesante - GOOD REC - 9/10"
Serge Devant, Crobar Resident/Ultra Records/Hooj Choons/Release (USA)

"Wicked LP! - 9/10"
Cary Chang, Feroshus/Richmond (Canada)

"Cool vibe on Yellow. - 9/10"
Jean-Francois Besner, Daymus Entertainment Group/Richmond (Canada)

"Yellow Doors is dark. - 9/10"
Michael Oliveira, DJ Wizard/Richmond (Canada)

"Dope LP from Alejandro. - 9/10"
Rob Little, DJ Rebl/Richmond (Canada)

"Great stuff again from Knob, there's something for everyone in this release - 8/10"
Tribalishious, Bellarine Recordings/Often Gruven Recordings/Knob Records (UK)

"very good techno album....some really classic sounding tresor/purposemaker style stuff. good sound. - 8/10"
Naveen G, Proton Radio/Feedback Bookings/Yoshitoshi/Toes in the Sand/ILR (USA)

"There is a track, not sure what # but it is upbeat & has a raggae bounce to it. LOVE IT!!! The overall content was a pleasure to my ears as well. Mui Bueno!! :)"
DJ DRC, Undefined Musik/TRC Distribution/Blue Moon Productions/Knob Records (USA)

"Yellow Doors - I love the groove of this track!!! - 8/10
Plastic Pleasure - Good track! - 7/10
Latin Labs - Excellent track, a good percussion, just for me! :) - 8/10
Colorful Spectrum - Awesome track! - 8/10
After 9 - Awesome track! - 8/10
Bread And Fear - Love the latin percussion and sound! Very good work! - 7/10"
Alejandro Rado, Drum Central/Moon Tribal/Next Dimension Music/Oryx music/Bellarine/Bit Records/Pure Substance Records/Magic Soul Records/Knob Records (Argentina)

"Yellow Doors - A real ancient sounding tribal track... rare to find these days! - 8/10"
Nils & Tooms, Knob Records (Holland)

"Yellow Doors - another good track - 8/10
Interesante - one of the best tracks - 9/10
Latin Labs - good track - 7/10
Colorful Spectrum - another good track - 8/10
Estrigmene Acres - another good track - 8/10
After 9 - good work - 8/10
Bread And Fear - another good track - 8/10"
Alex Oliver, Vaticano Club/TSB/Abana Club/Release (Portugal)

"Serious, I think this work is the the now top in your music career, because is well detailed and of course nice constructed. Great new stuff to shake asses in parties this spring-summer time. Cheers bro... keep the good work."
Jesus Arze (Mexico)

"Yellow Doors - Cool track, looking forward to spinning this :) - 8/10"
Christian Boshell, Omnis Recordings/London Music/Desert Trax/Monad Music/ILR (Ireland)

"Plastic Pleasure - nice banging track, digging the percussion as well as the synthline. very hard hitting and good job - 8/10"
Ariel Cybana, Digitally Imported/365 Magazine/Release (USA)

"A solid collection of techno/tribal gems. Good job. - 7/10"
Thee-O, Allied/Biohazard Digital/South Records/Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"Yellow Doors - I'm really diggin' this tune! Can't wait to play it on a big system. Big ups. - 8/10
Plastic Pleasure - Feelin' the stuff coming out on Knob lately from A Roman. Definitely diggin' how Plastic Pleasure incorporates a breaky beat with heavy techno elements...will play for sure! - 7/10
No Matter Why - I like the old school feel to this track, especially the bells. Nice work. - 7.5/10"
Edan Everywhere, Listen to Reason/Brown Paper Bag/Oblivion Fringe/ILR (Argentina)

"Plastic Pleasure - Dark techno with breakbeat..nice combo! - 8/10"
S.A.L.V.A., (Greece)

"Deadly!! I especially like After 9 and Yellow Doors - 8/10."
Deko-Ze, Release Records/Balance (Canada)

"Latin Labs - great fuckin tune bro! cheeky percussive tech tune with a hook to die for. winner bro- winner!!!"
Dan Bino, (USA)

"Cool Lp Liking After 9 the best - 7/10"
Chris Udoh, Sounds In Color/Balance Record Pool (USA)

"Plastic Pleasure - wicked breaks track, loving the synth used, it will work... - 8/10"
Fernando Ortiz, Club Vertigo/Release/Balance (Costa Rica)

"Yellow Doors - pumpin dark tribal, thats what i like! direct into my case! thx - 8/10"
Dakasound, Green Komm/ Room Recordings/Release (Germany)

"Killer drums on Yellow Doors. - 8/10"
Brain Denomey, Stereo Shift/Richmond (Canada)

"Love the track 05. - 8/10"
Brian Leaky, DJ Leekee/Richmond (Canada)

"Good LP from Knob. - 7/10"
Carlos Turcois, DJ C-Boogie/Richmond (Canada)

"Great synths on the Plastic Pleasure. - 8/10"
Darcy Ryan, Flipside Productions/Richmond (Canada)

"So deep. Alejandro does this album justice. - 8.5/10"
Dave Johnston, Union Events/Richmond (Canada)

"Will work well in the background of shows. - 8/10"
Frank Frenzy, Club 246 Radio/Richmond (Canada)

"Great example of tribal-house. - 8/10"
Franco Mirenzi, Hipnotika Entertainment/Richmond (Canada)

"Very decent set of tracks. - 8/10"
George Niki, Stereo/Richmond (Canada)

"The Yellow track is so groovy. - 8/10"
Ike (Erik) Petterson, Gorg-o-mish/Sonic Union/Richmond (Canada)

"Lots to choose from. - 7.5/10"
Jeff Galaxzy, Connect Festival/Richmond (Canada)

"Alejandro is in the House! - 8/10"
Jonathan Clark, DJ Bolivia/Richmond (Canada)

"Yellow Doors is my pick. - 8/10"
Kelly Lithium, Blacktiger Recordings/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice LP from a young producer. - 8.5/10"
Marc Dandurand, DJ Driver/Richmond (Canada)

"Funk drums and funk synths. - 8/10"
Mikhail Polischuk, Connect Festival/Richmond (Canada)

"Great beats. Loving Yellow Doors. - 7.5/10"
Nick Oliver, Revolution Records/Richmond (Canada)

"Good tempo on all tracks. - 7/10"
Peter Mandziuk, DJ Trapz/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice work! - 8/10"
Rich Watt, DJ Fixation/Richmond (Canada)

"Loving Yellow Doors. - 8/10"
Vinny Vo, Sushi Crew/Richmond (Canada)

"Nine Hundred Souls - the beat work is awesome along with very nice and strong elements... for sure to take the crowd on a journey - 7/10"
One Eye Jack, (USA)

"Plastic Pleasure - Nice tribal tune."
Hernan Cerbello, Feedback-bookings/ILR (Argentina)

"Yellow Doors - Good work, very relentless, reminds me of DT's rmx of Ono's Hell in Paradise. - 7/10
Bread and Fear - Alejandro creates a great grooving rhythm here. Will def play it. Shake that ass, baby! - 8/10
Estrigmene Acres - Interesting electric latin techno... - 7/10"
DJ Groovy, Kitsam Records/Sound Tribe Rekords/Inner Rhythm Records/4 Stroke Produktunes/ (Portugal)

"Colorful Spectrum - Cool sounds! - 7/10
Estrigmene Acres - Nice! - 7/10"
Adam Jace, Residency @ Candy's Apartment - Sydney/ILR (Australia)

"Estrigmene Acres - perfect for my warm ups! will play it for sure. - 7/10"
Max Cagliero, Residency @ Candy's Apartment - Sydney/ILR (Australia)

"Yellow Doors - Nice stuff-deep, dark & heavy. :) - 7/10"
Geoff Roberts, 365Mag/Bellarine Recordings/Nocha Music Group/ILR (USA)

"Estrigmene Acres - nice uplifting techno house :) - 7/10"
Ricky Ryan, Warung/Proton/Sick Watona/Feedback/ILR (Argentina)

"nice - 7/10"
DJ Tekes, Balance (Costa Rica)

" are a sick man! Great stuff my friend! - 8/10"
Rick Corbo, Billboard Reporter/Knob Records (USA)


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