Catalog#: KNOB017

 Format: Digital
 Date: Mar. 6, 2007

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PLAY  1. Dom Kane Bad Ass Remix
PLAY  2. Dom Kane Bad Boy Remix
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Written & Produced by DJ Style @ Knob Studios, NYC.
Remix and additional production by Dom Kane @ Xeton Records Studio, UK.
Remix and additional production by Jevne @ Onethirty Studios, MN.
Remix and additional production by Thee-O @ Biohazard Studios, LA.
(p) 2007 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2007 Knob Records, Inc.
Published by Big Fat Knob.


"Dom Kane Bad Ass Remix" - This slick wave of dance floor magic is fueled with dope bass filters that form into flawless envelopes. The So Bad vocal delays and rises, shooting over the bass and through the melodies, which keep a sparkling mechanical structure. This is a prominent mood track for the progressive and electro house DJ.

"Dom Kane Bad Boy Remix" - Resonating resolution reciprocating swift break beat chunk. Perfect mid-set surprise track to liven things up or useful as an early icebreaker with the crowd. Flirtatious swirling bass sweeps, a fun bouncy sub-bass, and incredibly smooth lead arraignment whips up an electro-funk masterpiece. A hugely danceable and DJ friendly track!!

"Jevnes Onethirty Remix" - This remix gives the house DJ a new twist from the original house mixes. Tribelectro Progression at its prime. The drums roll over justly creating a steady groove and then the rest of the track takes over with its finely synthesized composition. Lively bass lines play catch with rhythmic melodies paving the way for the long mix DJ to seamlessly create new sound in mixology.

"Thee-Os Not So Bad Remix" - Thee-O's beat comes out of the box strong and goes wire to wire, allowing great action and travel in this piece, while maintaining a certain sense of ambience. This ambience graciously catapults the mix higher incorporating the vocals rearranged and wicked long lead, and then levels off while crossing the finish line.


KNOB017 has received support from Hybrid, Deepsky, Flash Brothers, DJ Keri, Coco Ariaz, Jevne, Marrocco, Villo, DJ Samer, Simon Langham, Alex Hall, Chad Cisneros, Tarot, Chris Viets, Thee-O, Luis Diaz, Ron Levy, DJ X, DJ Hano, Alexi, Alex Dianna, DJ Science, Roy Chartier, Alejandro Rado, Ebbers, Paul Kwitek, Night Architeks, DJ Bernie, DJ Mindaugelis, DJ Groovy, J-Punch, Ariel Cybana, Cyber Joe, DJ Sagi, One Eye Jack, Adil Amlani, Brain Denomey, Brian Leaky, Carlos Turcois, Cary Chang, Charles Yearwood, Darcy Ryan, Dave Johnston, Dragan Jargic, Franco Mirenzi, George Niki, Ike (Erik) Petterson, Jean-Francois Besner, Jeff Galaxzy, Jonathan Clark, Kelly Lithium, Marc Dandurand, Michael Oliveira, Mike Grefner, Andy Hughes, Mikhail Polischuk, Nick Oliver, Peter Mandziuk, Rich Watt, Rob Little, Vinny Vo, Adam Jace, JC, Tini Tun, Conor Arkins (c/o Matt Darey), Robi Dubplate


"A-ha!!! Finally . . . just what the Dr. ordered . . . loving the electro tek track. This should really fuck the floor up!!!"
DJ Keri, Playboy Model/At Large/Radikal Records/Vanguard/Funkwax/Waako/Toucan Cove/ Hexx Music/Good Pussy Records (USA)

"Very good electro funky house track! nice sounds and fit perfect in my electro funky house mix sets! sure player! - 10/10"
Coco Ariaz, Club LOVE (Ibiza)/Club Space Shanghai/Class Concept Agency/Infamous (Spain)

"Dom Kane Bad Boy - A cheeky little bugger this one, love the beat programming and sound FX. There's not many like this about, top stuff! - 8/10"
Hybrid (Mike Truman), Fabric UK/Avalon (L.A.)/Liquified (Atlanta)/Distinctive/Release (UK)

"Dom Kane Bad Ass - sounds great, def a big room track - 8/10"
Deepsky, Kinetic/Perfecto/Yoshitoshi/Release/Balance (USA)

"Cool progressive, has also psychedelic feel to it."
Flash Brothers, Oxyd/Perfecto/Bedrock/Hooj Choons/Yoshitoshi/Silver Planet (Israel)

"Jevne's Onethirty - so bad so good! :) - 10/10
DJ Sagi, (USA)

"dope! Like the other mixes a lot! - 10/10"
Jevne, Onethirty Recordings/Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"Dom Kane Bad Boy - Very nice one, good work! - 9/10
Jevne's Onethirty - Excellent track!! - 9/10"
Marrocco, Shove resident/Ready Mix Rec/Helvetica Rec/Fragile/Pure Substance/Infamous (Swiss)

"thanx man!! been diggin ur stuff lately..."
DJ Samer, Pangea Recordings (USA)

"Dom Kane Bad Ass - Really like the mixes Dom turned in. This one gets my vote. Great production with some nice quirky noises. - 9/10"
Simon Langham, Susumi/Saddlers/Red/Circus/Release (UK)

"Love the Dom Kane Bad Ass Remix. Solid work!"
Alex Hall, Longhall Recordings/ Records (USA)

"Dom Kane Bad Ass - Bassline is solid. Textures and sonic palatte is intelligent and deep. Nice work. - 7/10. Dom Kane Bad Boy - Solid production here. Vocal stuttering effects work nicely."
Chad Cisneros, Pure Substance Records/Mining Vinyl/Pangea Records/Knob Records (USA)

"Thanks for the new promos. Jevnes remix does it best for me."
Tarot, Tweek'd/Eightball Trax/Catch22 Rec/Womb Rec/Knob Records (Japan)

"nice release - 8/10"
Villo, Balance (USA)

"Dom Kane Bad Ass - effective club stormer. prolly will play. - 8/10
Dom Kane Bad Boy - hard hittin' track here - 8/10"
Chris Viets, Blu/Reticent Recordings/!keepitsimple!/Release (USA)

"Great release. :) - 8/10"
Thee-O, Allied/Biohazard Digital/South Records/Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"Good stuff! I also liked the Thee-O mix!! KNOB records rulez! - 8/10"
Andy Hughes, Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"Great remixes - 7/10"
Luis Diaz, Balance (USA)

"Jevne's my favorite of the bunch..."
Ron Levy (Shylock), Balance (USA)

"Very Good - 8/10"
DJ X, Balance (Puerto Rico)

"Dom Kane Bad Ass - useful tune. GOOD! - 8/10
Jevne's Onethirty - good DJ tool! - 7/10
Thee-Os Not So Bad - very good remix!! - 8/10"
DJ Hano, Bounenkai/Release (Japan)

"Dom Kane Bad Ass - good solid track here!! - 8/10
Dom Kane Bad Boy - oh yeah i like this loads !!!!!!!!! - 8/10
Jevne's Onethirty - solid track here oh yeah!! - 7/10
Thee-Os Not So Bad - cool track i like this loads good - 7/10"
Alexi, Autonomous Bassheads/Release (USA)

"Dom Kane Bad Ass - Dom Kane brings a nice edge to this one! - 8/10"
Alex Dianna, WMUH 91.7 FM (USA)

"Dom Kane Bad Ass - I really liked the original and this is a good followup mix. - 7/10
Dom Kane Bad Boy - I much prefer this mix to the other. I think this is the one I will be playing out in the future. - 8/10
Jevne's Onethirty - I think this is my fav mix of the bunch. Its a great take on the original and it just makes my ass move! - 8/10"
DJ Science, Science & Reason /Host of Signal:Noise on Entertainment/Release (Canada)

"Dom Kane Bad Boy - This is tight. Kane is a genius...the man pisses excellence! - 8/10"
Roy Chartier, Helsinki/Surface/Beatmarket/Release (Canada)

"Dom Kane Bad Ass - good remix and production - 8/10
Dom Kane Bad Boy - well done remix and would definately rock a club good - 8/10
Jevne's Onethirty - good track and remix. has a nice groove and solid production - 8/10"
Ariel Cybana, Digitally Imported/365 Magazine/Release (USA)

"Dom Kane Bad Ass - Perfect track, very good work!! - 7/10
Jevne's Onethirty - Good work! I love the percussion of this version!!! Just for me! :) - 7/10"
Alejandro Rado, Drum Central/Moon Tribal/Next Dimension Music/Oryx music/Bellarine/Bit Records/Pure Substance Records/Magic Soul Records/Knob Records (Argentina)

"Loving Thee-O remix out of the bunch. Dom Kane Bad Ass Remix is really dope and I will be playing this. very nice. I love the break beats and nice vocal work! - 7/10"
Paul Kwitek, Existence/Proton Radio/Infamous (Canada)

"Dom Kane Bad Ass - This shiet is crazy!! So Bad ass in 07 - 8/10
Dom Kane Bad Boy - great mix! - 8/10
Jevne's Onethirty - not so bad in 2007 - 7/10
Thee-Os Not So Bad - Okay... I'm diggin it! - 7/10"
Ebbers, Club Womb/Nitrous resident/Release (Japan)

"Dom Kane Bad Boy - Baaababad ass track. :) Rocking beat. Loving the rocking beat. - 8/10"
Night Architeks, Promotions/Tasty Lick Records/Release (USA)

"Dom Kane Bad Boy - The bass is devastating. Overall a good track. - 8/10"
DJ Bernie, Resident DJ Club Lime/ (USA)

"Dom Kane Bad Boy - nice - 7/10"
DJ Mindaugelis, Global Clubs/Release (Lithuania)

"Dom Kane Bad Ass - Electro is the new 'thing' but there is a lot of crap around. This one stands out from the croud, with good taste in the choice of sounds and a very groovy low-end. I like it. - 8/10
Jevne's Onethirty - I'm a fan of Jevne & One Thirty, and this is no exception. Brilliant work, great production, very dancefloor friendly, and that raw bassline is yummy... - 7/10"
DJ Groovy, Kitsam Records/Sound Tribe Rekords/Inner Rhythm Records/4 Stroke Produktunes/ (Portugal)

"nice one actually. Like the Jevne mix here. - 7/10"
J-Punch [Hook The Captain], Global Underground/System Recordings/Climax Recordings/CP Recodings/Oven Ready Productions/3beat/Ova/Ingrooves/Balance (USA)

"Dom Kane Bad Boy - an awesome break remix. can fit nicely in any set. - 7/10
Jevne's Onethirty - nice solid groove, and smooth vocal stabs - 7/10"
One Eye Jack, (USA)

"Dom Kane Bad Ass - love it - 8/10"
Cyber Joe, 1015 Folsom/Release (USA)

"Dom Kane mix is super bad! - 8/10"
Adil Amlani, Sure Copy Centre/Richmond (Canada)

"DK mixes are hot! - 8/10"
Brain Denomey, Stereo Shift/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice electro mixes from Dom Kane. - 7/10"
Brian Leaky, DJ Leekee/Richmond (Canada)

"Thee-O mix is nice. - 7/10"
Carlos Turcois, DJ C-Boogie/Richmond (Canada)

"Dom Kane mixes are so nice. - 8.5/10"
Cary Chang, Feroshus/Richmond (Canada)

"Dom Kane rock out the electro funk. - 7/10"
Charles Yearwood, Nike Brand Marketing/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice vocal mix. - 8/10"
Darcy Ryan, Flipside Productions/Richmond (Canada)

"Good drums on the DK mixes. - 7/10"
Dave Johnston, Union Events/Richmond (Canada)

"Both mixes from Dom Kane are stellar. - 7/10"
Dragan Jargic, Y Afterhours/Axe Music/Richmond (Canada)

"Great vocal mix from DK. - 7/10"
Franco Mirenzi, Hipnotika Entertainment/Richmond (Canada)

"Good tribal from Jevne."
George Niki, Stereo/Richmond (Canada)

"Good tribal tracks. - 8/10"
Ike (Erik) Petterson, Gorg-o-mish/Sonic Union/Richmond (Canada)

"Will definitely use all of these! - 7/10"
Jean-Francois Besner, Daymus Entertainment Group/Richmond (Canada)

"Both tracks from DK are the same. Still good. - 8/10"
Jeff Galaxzy, Connect Festival/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice EP. Loving the vocals. - 8/10"
Jonathan Clark, DJ Bolivia/Richmond (Canada)

"The vocal sample is amazing."
Kelly Lithium, Blacktiger Recordings/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice break down on the DK mix. - 7/10"
Marc Dandurand, DJ Driver/Richmond (Canada)

"Good mixes. Good beats. - 7/10"
Michael Oliveira, DJ Wizard/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice bassline on both cuts from DK. - 7.5/10"
Mike Grefner, Majik DJ/Crush Lounge/Richmond (Canada)

"Very very nice tracks. - 7/10"
Mikhail Polischuk, Connect Festival/Richmond (Canada)

"Jevne's does it up! - 7/10"
Nick Oliver, Revolution Records/Richmond (Canada)

"Definitely in my top 5 tracks this month. - 9/10"
Peter Mandziuk, DJ Trapz/Richmond (Canada)

"Great mixes all around. - 8/10"
Rich Watt, DJ Fixation/Richmond (Canada)

"Jevne's is my pick. - 7/10"
Rob Little, DJ Rebl/Richmond (Canada)

"Nice, Thee-O mix is worthwhile too. - 7/10"
Vinny Vo, Sushi Crew/Richmond (Canada)

"Dom Kane's mixes are the ones to watch here. His Bad Boy mix in particular is excellent. Will be playing this one. - 7/10"
Adam Jace, Residency @ Candy's Apartment - Sydney/ILR (Australia)

"Good - 8/10"
Tini Tun, Fade Records/Balance (Mexico City)

"Some really cool stuff from Dom Kane here!"
Conor Arkins (c/o Matt Darey), Nocturnal Radio A&R (UK)

"Dom Kane Bad Boy - Good Work!! - 7/10"
Robi Dubplate, Dubplate Records/Release (Spain)

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