Catalog#: KNOB015

 Format: Digital
 Date: Feb. 6, 2007

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Written & Produced by Mike Kings @ Open It Before Studio, Portugal.
(p) 2007 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2007 Knob Records, Inc.
Published by Big Fat Knob.


"Lost In Space" - Mike outdoes himself on his 2nd Knob release cracking the code of space travel through electronic music. The gateway has been accessed and the unknown revealed. Many hidden sonar readings and mission control voices make this journey concrete. Indians and Aliens share similarities in rhythm and sound and in the future, we dance together. Close your eyelids and experience this floor shattering tribalectro thriller, truly amazing.

"You Want It" - This track is a true cybernetic study with complex electronic systems generating brainwave tones and vigorous rhythms, creating a deep urge for indulgence of the mind and body. A magnificent track for the dj who lives to move people with the edge of intelligence at their side. Both tribal and progressive with unbelievably frightful sweeping synths and FX....U WANT IT!!!


KNOB015 has received support from Kenneth Thomas, Benny Blazin, Fernando Ortiz, Danny Rodrigues, Tarot, Chad Bozzarelli, Chad McNeely, David Phillips, Taner Kanlier, Ariel Cybana, Luis Diaz, Chris Viets, Villo, Thee-O, DJ Kramer, Monty Q, DJ X, Deko-ze, 2 Tall Keith, Alejandro Rado, Deep Mariano, Roland Belmares, J&S Project, Paul Kwitek, DJ Groovy, DJ Manzo W, JC, Tini Tun, Cryptic Circuitry, Andy Hughes, jaEv


"Lost In Space - Another tribal banger form Knob - 10/10
You Want It - 10/10"
Benny Blazin, Knob Records (USA)

"Lost In Space - is a monster track that will blow the crowd to outer space, wicked... - 9/10
You Want It - has an uplifting tribal groove that will make the crowd dance for sure, good release for Knob... - 9/10"
Fernando Ortiz, Club Vertigo/Balance/Release (Costa Rica)

"You Want It - Digging the Dark and Dirty Beatz - 9/10
Lost In Space - has a nice groove, tribal beatz.....and big synths, should work well for peak time play. - 8/10"
Danny Rodrigues, Resurgent Records/ILR (Australia)

"Thanks for the music. I really like "You Want It". A very well made track. Iím charting it."
Tarot, Tweek'd/Eightball Trax/Catch22 Rec/Womb Rec/Knob Records (Japan)

"Lost In Space - Played this out last night and the response was good. Nice tribal elements and a good blend with progressive elements. - 9/10
You Want It - Loved the opening tribal segments. Overall it was a good play. I played it out last night as well and it fit perfectly with his previous release. - 8/10"
Chad Bozzarelli, District Ignition/ILR (USA)

"Lost In Space - Freaking relentless!!! - 9/10"
Chad McNeely, Source of Gravity/Tutto Mondo/ILR (USA)

"Lost In Space - Nice touch tribal-Progressive. Chuggin! - 7/10"
Kenneth Thomas, Perfecto/Armada/Hope/ILR (USA)

"Mike Kings hooks up with his next cool release on Knob Records. This groovy 2 tracks are very fit for my sets. - 8/10"
David Phillips, Decomplex Audio/Knob Records (Germany)

"Lost In Space - Mike is pushin great tracks for a great label! - 8/10
You Want It - full of life, driving, exciting, and creative! - 8/10"
Taner Kanlier, Rumur/Penthouse/Release (USA)

"You Want It - has an awesome groove and love the percussion. plus it has an east coast feel yet in a good way - 8/10
Lost In Space - digging the driving grooves of this track. it's pretty slammin too as well - 7/10"
Ariel Cybana, Digitally Imported/365 Magazine/Release (USA)

"Great release - 7/10"
Luis Diaz, Balance (USA)

"Lost In Space - Very nice production here and I am a big fan of most stuff. Knob puts out what works really well in clubs! This is another great release - 8/10"
Paul Kwitek, Existence/ILR (Canada)

"Lost In Space - nicely done. - 7/10
You Want It - solid club fare. - 7/10"
Chris Viets, Blu/Reticent Recordings/!keepitsimple!/Release (USA)

"good set of tracks here, innovative ideas. - 8/10"
Villo, Balance (USA)

"Nice hard tribal...very nice."
Thee-O, Allied/Biohazard Digital/South Records/Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"Lost In Space - Mike is a great & excellent producer! The sound of Mike is awesome for me! Excellent work! This track is Just for me! - 8/10
You Want It - Mike rock!!!! Great sound! Just just just for me! - 8/10"
Alejandro Rado, Drum Central/Moon Tribal/Next Dimension Music/Oryx music/Bellarine/Bit Records/Pure Substance Records/Magic Soul Records/Knob Records (Argentina)

"Lost In Space is a rocker - 7/10"
DJ Kramer, Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"You Want It - nice builds and energy - 8/10"
Monty Q, Billboard DJ/Clubs Nationwide/Release (USA)

"Good - 7/10"
DJ X, Balance (Puerto Rico)

"You Want It - Definitely a big room tribal track! Great for peak hour! - 8/10"
Roland Belmares, Billboard/Release (USA)

"STORMIN'!! - 7/10."
Deko-Ze, Release Records/Balance (Canada)

"You Want It - Has a nice big room feel and a dirty build up in the 5 minute area ..."
2 Tall Keith, (USA)

"i really like it, i'll be playing it for sure, nice dark tune."
Deep Mariano, Sentient Audio Collective/Acute Recordings (Argentina)

"Its really great for our sets! We will surely shake it. We love its techy groove and the vocals flowing on it. Well done, play and chart!"
J&S Project, Global Underground/CO2 Recordings/Shake Records/Only Records (Italy)

"Lost In Space - It's amazing buildup of energy is expertly done and will put any dancefloor into frenzy mode, including the dj :) - 9/10
You Want It - Not as good as Lost in Space, but this tune is nonetheless still very playable on a big room, to acomodate those large, big lead sounds it has. - 7/10"
DJ Groovy, Kitsam Records/Sound Tribe Rekords/Inner Rhythm Records/4 Stroke Produktunes/ (Portugal)

"Lost In Space - Very Good - 8/10"
DJ Manzo W, Immortal Records/Release (USA)

"Good - 8/10"
Tini Tun, Fade Records/Balance (Mexico City)

"Lost In Space - was really good, a bit faster than my style but still good.
You Want It - had a great lead sample in it. Also really good."
Cryptic Circuitry, Knob Records (USA)

"Good tunes!!!! - 8/10"
Andy Hughes, Balance/Knob Records (USA)

"Lost In Space - Dark and dirty!! - 7/10"
jaEv, Sonia's/Release (USA)


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