Catalog#: KNOB006 

 Format: Digital
 Date: Jun. 19, 2006

   One-Sheet (pdf)

 PLAY  Last Chance 2006
 PLAY  Last Chance 2006 Dub
 PLAY  Last Chance 2006 Instrumental
 PLAY  Last Chance 2006 Radio Mix


 Produced by DJ Animal. Vocal by Cyre. Guitar by Brass Construction.
 (p) 2006 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2006 Knob Records, Inc.
 Published by Hit & Hold Music, Inc.


 KNOB006 is an amazing reproduction by none other than legendary NYC radio dj, DJ Animal
 featuring Cyre, “Last Chance 2006”. This stunning new tribal mix with a European influence
 maintains the integrity of the original but kicks it up several notches to today’s sound and
 beyond. To add a cherry on top, it contains guitar by renowned funk group Brass Construction.

 Last Chance was a top 10 Billboard hit almost 20 years ago. It was also featured in the movie,
 “The Rookie”. What makes this even more special is that it has been reproduced by both original
 artists for a new generation. This is DJ Animal’s best production to date and Cyre’s performance
 is better than ever, showing they still got it and haven’t missed a beat. Be on the lookout for
 their new full length albums as well.

 "Last Chance 2006" - This track is meant for a dj's most glorious moment in a set. The snappy
 timbales set off a straight party vibe the perfect tribal bassline pump. Just the beat alone could
 carry this track, but it has much more to offer. Smooth intelligently flowing sequences, feature
 elements in their most natural dynamic. Brass Construction adds these wild guitar riffs that send
 the whole project on it's path. Music collectors prepare to embrace a track that will ring in your
 dreams....."Last Chance, Last Chance ....Baby To Love Me". With all your emotions at stake,
 through the despairful tunnel this tracks comes rushing out, exposing it's hope, draining it's fear,
 seeping into an all out vintage haven of the true New York Tribal Progressive sound. Beware of a
 growing connection to this track.

 "Last Chance 2006 Dub" - DJ Programmers make sure you have two copies of this record, cause
 the dub sets up for a miracle ride doubled up with the vocal version. The rhythm just rides so
 deep in the Dub, it really brings the whole concept into a subconscious dream frenzy,
 aggressively pursuing, the desire to make that last chance to love! Whatever it takes! The
 crowd will feel the urgency!!


 Reviewed by Michael Ta of and received an 8/10! Read full review!

 KNOB006 has received support from Matt Rickard, Jon Sinclair, Denny Tsettos, Peter Presta,
 Jackie Christie, Bad Boy Joe, Leni K, DJ Tony Tee, Pascal Mantovani, Ariel Cybana, Tom Sawyer,
 Greg Zizique, Alain Jackinsky, Art Rooney, Kevin Mackenzie, DJP5, Jonny20, DJ Apple, DJ Mute,
 DJ Reality, Paul Kwitek, Taner Kanlier, Johnny FX, Hexadecimal, Deko-ze, Bill Hallquist,
 Jonathan Ojeda, Nathan Barato, The Mystic Force, Roland Belmares, Tim Ratledge, Monty Q,
 DJ R-Man, Nick Scott, Marcelo Oleas, DJ Joe Drust, David Phillips, Michael Ta, Marc LaCasse,
 Jeff Galaxy, Yuri Wuensch, Cary Chang, Charles Yearwood, Dragan Jargic, George Maniatis,
 Dave Johnston, Kevin Shiu, Micheal Oliveira, Nicky Delgado, Darcy Ryan, Daryll Antonishak,
 Chris Whittworth, Damon Giesbrecht, John Morgan, Trek-e, Rob Tryptomene, Nick Oliver,
 Justin Carr, Oscar Poche, Jason Morley, Artie Rodriguez, Kosmic, DJ Firuz


 "Big fun vocal record, might well blow up! - 8/10"
 Matt Rickard (Standby), Ministry Of Sound Radio (Standby Show)/M8 Magazine Reviewer/
 Hope Recordings Resident DJ/Release (UK)

 "Big room feel good vocal house with commercial feel, sure to go down well across Europe.
 Really useful dub mix - love the tribal feel and will be using lots. - 8/10"
 Jon Sinclair (Standby), Ministry Of Sound Radio/Native Music/M8 Magazine Reviewer/
 Hope Recordings/Release (UK)

 "This used to be massive here in the big apple. Wow, blast from the past with both Animal and
 Cyre. Being I'm from New York this has a novelty appeal to it. - 7/10"
 Denny Tsettos, Sirius Satellite Radio/WKTU (New York)/Billboard Magazine/Release (USA)

 "I like the rhythm a lot. I'll get this one to work. Good track! - 9/10"
 Bill Hallquist, Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart/Release (USA)

 "I like it & I will play it :)"
 Peter Presta, Apple Jaxx Recordings (UK)

 "Great Tribal production. Great vocal. Love the vocal and driving production. - 9/10"
 Roland Belmares, Billboard/Release (USA)

 "Like the guitar and the happy disco vibe of vocals. - 8/10"
 Jackie Christie, Billboard Reporter/Motmea Music (USA)

 "Wow...way to make me me feel old and fabulous at the same time :-) - 9/10"
 Monty Q, Billboard DJ/Clubs Nationwide/Release (USA)

 "once again good job boys!!! right in time for wmc a vocal powerful banger really hype!!"
 Nathan Barato, Rawthentic Music (Canada)

 "Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 10/10"
 DJ Firuz, Sikamikanico Club/Oslo/Release (Norway)

 "ohh good tribal fun! The vocals are ok, but what gets me here are those synths.. and that
  little guitar sample!.. it's the little things..good job, party tune for sure! - 8/10"
 Tim Ratledge, Canadian Standard Broadcasting Inc./Iceberg Media/ (Canada)

 "gr8! nice to hear vocals on this site for a change! possible charting next week - 8/10"
 Leni K, K&S Project/Star 69 Records/Billboard/Release (USA)

 "What do you get when you combine a classic vocal with tribal drum mayhem? A dancefloor
 masterpiece! Great job!"
 Marcelo Oleas, MISWAX Records (USA)

 "I like."
 DJ Tony Tee, t2 Blender/Drop House (USA)

 "(Last chance)! WHAT A TRACK! I enjoyed it so much... I just wanna let you know that I
 charted your track LAST CHANCE in my top 10 and also on my new set on Paris-One. :)"
 Pascal Mantovani (Canada)

 "I like the vocal version better than the dub version. Enjoy the production and the vocals."
 Ariel Cybana, Digitally Imported/365 Magazine (USA)

 "good house, great tribal line - 8/10"
 Tom Sawyer, South Records/Level Club (Panama)

 "Last Chance - i like this it has a good energy to it. the flow and sound work really well, it can be
 accessible on the floor and really has the song to carry it through. the vocal maybe a little to
 much for some, but the dub really caters for this taking it less vox, i like this mix alot too, it can
 work alot on most floors anytime of the night, good stuff. strong release. - 8/10"
 Greg Zizique, Eyecon/Dance Academy/ILR (UK)

 "Good beats. Very good actually. - 8/10"
 Alain Jackinsky, Stereo/Parking Nightclub/Sky Pub/Saloon/Drague/Release (Canada)

 "only plus point is the vocals - 8/10"
 DJP5, Coronation Club Disco/Release (Malaysia)

 "good remake of this classic - 8/10"
 Art Rooney, WINK-FM Florida/KKMG Colorado/Sirius Sat Radio/Aja Lounge Bonita/Release (US)

 "Great energy and vocals - 8/10"
 Kevin Mackenzie, Brand X-Handlebar Music/Steam Films/Release (Canada)

 "Pretty good 4 4, like it! well produced quite up tempo - 7/10"
 Hexadecimal, Spectrum/Plugged Magazine/Release (UK)

 "quality groove,awesone synths and vocal.. well - 8/10"
 Jonny20, Records/progu/Release (Italy)

 "Club monster! - 9/10"
 DJ Mute, Frisky Radio/Interference Productions/Release (USA)

 "I prefer the Dub version ! I definitly play this in the next weeks :) - 7/10"
 DJ Reality (Belgium)

 "This one is a great release... i like the dub better. the vocal work is quite interesting, great
 arrangement. this is good peak time material for the tribal lovers - 7/10"
 Paul Kwitek, Existence/Proton/Futurgrooves/ILR (Canada)

 "love this vocal!! - 8/10"
 Taner Kanlier, Release (USA)

 Johnny FX (USA)

 "The boyz are really diggin' this!! - 7/10."
 Deko-Ze, Release Records/Balance (Canada)

 "the dub is my pick... - 7/10."
 Jonathan Ojeda, Balance (USA)

 "funky stuff in here, perfect summertune! - 8/10."
 The Mystic Force, (Belgium)/Outsoon Mag (Belgium)/Go Mag (Holland)

 "I like!! - 8/10."
 DJ R-Man, Spundae (Los Angeles)/Frisky Radio/XTC Radio (London)/Mi Piace/Release (USA)

 "Instrumental - nice - 9/10."
 Nick Scott, Club Mansion/Club Pawnshop/Release (USA)

 "nice - 8/10."
 DJ Joe Drust, Utopia Nightclub/Cobalt/The Warehouse/Release (USA)

 "For me this is another tribal machine, works good on the floor and make the crew happy.
 - 8/10."
 David Phillips, Decomplex Audio/Knob Records (Germany)

 "like the original 2006 mix. Bangin' and radio ready alright. kinda diva'esque, but it works.
 reminds me of the Shapeshifter's Lola's Theme a year ago, but w/o the strings. will go with a
 review up @ Resident Advisor. - 8/10."
 Michael Ta, Resident Advisor/OM Records/Bad Influence Inc./Fiberlineaudio (USA)

 “Banging beats from Knob Records. - 9/10.”
 Marc LaCasse, Oxide/Richmond (Canada)

 “Love the Dub. Great track. - 8/10”
 Jeff Galaxy, Connect/Richmond (Canada)

 “Nice home grown house music. Nice productions on the dub mix. - 8/10”
 Yuri Wuensch, Leduc Representative/Richmond (Canada)

 “Knob takes it home! - 8/10”
 Cary Chang, Feroshus/Richmond (Canada)

 “Knob rocks the house no doubt! - 9/10”
 Charles Yearwood, Brand Marketing/Nike Canada/Richmond (Canada)

 “The Original Mix is nice and deep. - 8/10”
 Dragan Jargic, Numark R&D/Richmond (Canada)

 “Standard track from Knob. Great funk on the dub. - 7/10”
 George Maniatis, VP Music Placement iTunes/Richmond (Canada)

 “Original Mix is smooth. Nice percussion elements. - 8/10”
 Dave Johnston, The Vue Magazine Music Editor/Richmond (Canada)

 “Original mix is a great warm up track. - 8/10”
 Kevin Shiu, Lotus/Richmond (Canada)

 “I really enjoy the dub mix. Nice to play at the club on a big system. - 7/10”
 Micheal Oliveira, DJ Wizard/Richmond (Canada)

 “The original mix makes this record count. The shuffling percussion is great. - 7/10”
 Nicky Delgado, Believe @ Red Room/Richmond (Canada)

 “Knob is one of my favs. This is a classic west coast rocker. - 8/10”
 Darcy Ryan, Tech9 Media/Richmond (Canada)

 “Knob Records does it right every time. - 7/10”
 Daryll Antonishak, Globalmastermindz/Richmond (USA)

 “The dub mix is definitely a cool element on this record.”
 Chris Whittworth, Song Catalog/Richmond (USA)

 “The Knob Records boys know how to do it up right! - 7/10”
 Damon Giesbrecht, FBSS/Richmond (Canada)

 “Keeping NY on the tribal map, Animal does this track justice. - 8/10”
 John Morgan, EA Music Lead/Richmond (Canada)

 “Knob doesn’t ever disappoint. I love the dub mix too, a great add to a killer record. - 9/10”
 Trek-e, Hell's Kitchen/Crush Lounge/91.3 CJZN/Richmond (Canada)

 “Always my favourite in the pool every month. - 7/10”
 Rob Tryptomene, Foosh Records/Richmond (Canada)

 “DJ Animal definitely shows us how it’s done. - 7/10”
 Nick Oliver, Revolution Records/Richmond (Canada)

 “Very nice tribal trance tune. It's rare to find this style and this track is done right. Love the
 guitar licks with the synth fills layed over this tribal tech beat. Great track! - 9/10”
 Justin Carr, (USA)

 "rocking this already bro"
 Oscar Poche, Media Services NYC/80 Proof FM (USA)

 "I really like this dub mix, great tribal sound and will mix well or stand alone strong."
 Jason Morley, J.M. Media (USA)

 "I heard the remix to Last Chance sung by Cyre. The mix is off the hook. You have one of the
 most incredible performers. Cyre has a very big heart and loves to make things happen. You've
 been gifted. Luck would be nice to say but you've got Dj Animal and that says it all. The man's
 work is off the chain. Great combo, once again."
 Artie Rodriguez (USA)

 "nice vocals. - 8/10"
 Kosmic, Release (Canada)


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