Catalog#: KNOB005 

 Format: 12" Vinyl
 Date: Mar. 2006

 Format: Digital
 Date: May. 2006

   One-Sheet (pdf)

 PLAY  Black Voodoo
 PLAY  Come on Children


 Written & Produced by David Phillips @ Six Feet Deep, Germany.
 (p) 2006 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2006 Knob Records, Inc.


 "Black Voodoo" lives up to its name in many ways! Percussion that creates a rolling boil, hard
 castanets that mesmerize, a very high paced kick, a couple of real freakish minimal tone hits,
 and a hi hat arrangement that symbolizes a dangerously traveled path. The sickest elements in
 this track are the FX. Metal swings that slide side by side passing you by like ghosts in the night.
 These swings lead into a breakdown with a hint of light, a touch of melody, and birds chirping,
 which is swiftly shifted by the source with a fierce high pitched lead over the FX, then charges
 back into its rampage. This track will serve as a dj's portal to the 4th dimension in peak time
 after hours time slots. Get ready to lose them for a bit. Tribal, Progressive, Techno, and
 Tech-House jocks brace yourselves!

 "Come on Children" takes on another life form, hunting down anyone with a jones in their bones.
 The inner workings of this hard tribal stomper come on strong and are extremely crisp. The
 shuffling hats command the kick structure which resembles a lazy break beat, but holds
 together in perfect tribal format. The small bongo tones and the back door bass define the track
 making it jerk around aggressively, up-down, in-out, very effective. At the turn of the first
 corner, a quick breakdown drops off, and its ships ahoy with deep alarming horns, hard crashing
 drums and the intro of the male vocal encouraging the young ones to "Have a little music for old
 times". The track then takes off with a double stabbing horror strike, like big red flashing lights
 or an extraterrestrial warning. Very faint sweeping tones and some old Limelight choir synths
 really make this track menacing.


 Reached #5 on the Richmond Record Pool chart and #12 on the Balance Record Pool.

 KNOB005 has received support from Steve Lawler, Behrouz, DJ Taucher, DJ Villo, MV,
 Derek Taylor, Paul Kwitek, Dom Kane, Sean McClellan, Lee Pennington, Peter Gordon, DJ DRC,
 James 'Trek-e' Smith, Greg Zizique, Deviant, DJP5, Brent Toepper, DJ Dan Catron, 2 Tall Keith,
 Taner Kanlier, Dirty (Chris Arnold), Fernando Ortiz, Nathan Barato, DJ Craig Demo, Sultan,
 DJ Hardware, DJ Joe Drust, Danny Rodrigues, Monty Q, Deko-ze, Jevne Miller, John Mack,
 DJ Klang, Justin George, The Wizzard (Perry Lamarre), Tigerhook Corporation, Jon Viera,
 Kevin Shiu and Nicky Delgado, Jaimy, DJ Reality, Ivano Bellini, JT, Jeff Galaxy, Yuri Wuensch,
 Cary Chang, Peter Mandziuk, Charles Yearwood, Dragan Jargic, George Maniatis, Trek-e,
 Dave Johnston, Micheal Oliveira, Darcy Ryan, Chris Whittworth, John Morgan, Randal Boiteau,
 Rob Tryptomene, Nick Oliver, Ryan G, Andy Hughes, Chris Sterio, John Wellings, DJ R-Man,
 Tini Tun, Night Architeks, Bill Hallquist, Dee Bass, Jelo


 "Black Voodoo - Great Track! A very well done tribal influenced track, which are hard to find
 these days.."
 Steve Lawler, Harlem Recordings/Harlem Nights/Lights Out/Viva (UK)

 "I really like the Black Voodoo track, keep it coming :)"
 Behrouz, Rennaisance/Yoshitoshi/Shinichi/ILR (USA)

 "Black Voodoo - cool groove dark sounds, close your eyes, dive in, dont stik no needle in me,
 like it - 8/10. Come On Children - energetic rolling prog groove cool vokals good arrangement,
 play both on my german radio show \" adult music \" on sunshine live every sunday 22-02
 o clock set, and in clubs thanks - 9/10."
 DJ Taucher, Additive/Scuba/Avalanche/ (Germany)

 "dope cuts! pounding tribal love it! - 10/10"
 Jevne Miller, Onethirty Recordings/Balance (USA)

 "This stuff should come with a warning label... It's evil!!! Straight in the box for me!"
 Dom Kane, (UK)

 "I love this track bigtime, it's a very fresh and massive tribal track that i will play a lot! I love
 the groove,arrangment and production.....basicly i just really love this track!!!!!!"
 Jaimy, Fatal Music (Netherlands)

 "David Philips takes us back to our native roots with this tribal progressive night stalker!
 "Black Voodoo's" dark drums and FX are sure to seduce the dancefloor into a sweaty tantric
 frenzy. "Come on Children" starts out with a steady more up beat tribal rhythm with an eerie
 "Come Along children" sample that leads you into the first break down where you'll be dropped
 into King Kong's pit deep in the jungle. Then it begins to build even more with fierce synth stabs
 bringing on the tension that will drive any main room at prime time."
 DJ DRC, Undefined Musik/TRC Distribution/Blue Moon Productions (USA)

 "Complete chugger! nice 1. - 10/10"
 Tigerhook Corporation, Balance Record Pool (USA)

 "excellent as always from Knob!! monotonous tribal mayhem! class! thanks very much - 9/10"
 Derek Taylor, M8 Magazine/Hostage Records/Foundations/Release (UK)

 "Digging both cuts. - 8/10"
 MV, Tao (USA)

 "Two tracks of evil tribal house sure to do damage on floors across the globe!!!"
 Chris Sterio, Source Of Gravity Records/ILR (UK)

 "AMAZING!!!!! FANTASTIC RECORD!!! This gettting great reaction on the floor and on my show!
 - 9/10."
 Deko-Ze, Release Records/Balance (Canada)

 "Black Voodoo - big track - 8/10. Come On Children - man this is a hot label - 8/10."
 The Wizzard (Perry Lamarre), CKOI 96.9 FM/Club Loft/Parking Nightclub/Release (Canada)

 "Black Voodoo - This one is just wonderful I love the deeper side of the dancefloor and this one
 is just an example great work David!! - 9/10. Come on Children - Great release I will be playing
 this one for sure.nice tight groove - 8/10"
 Paul Kwitek, Existence/ILR (Canada)

 "Black Voodoo - great tribal - 10/10. Come on Children - nice label - 10/10."
 DJP5, Coronation Club Disco/Release (Malaysia)

 "strongest release yet!"
 DJ Hardware, Pure Music Label Group (USA)

 "Come on Children - This track is definitely one for the floor!! Nice big beat marching band style
 drums!! Will defo be playing this one. 8/10. Black Voodoo - This track has the same kinda
 stomp to it which is proper chugging along,will defobeplaying this one as well.. 8/10"
 Sean McClellan, Bedrock Breaks/Source of Gravity/Vinyl Vice/Silver Planet/Gravitation (UK)

 "Come on Children is a good solid tribal housey cut, it sits well and has a good pace to it. i like
 the deepness it creates. black voodoo is a giant tribal infused percussive cut, it builds like a
 progressive cut, works well. - 8/10"
 Greg Zizique, Eyecon/Dance Academy/ILR (UK)

 "Black Voodoo - consistant dark vibe, pounding bass line. - 9/10. Come On Children -
 heavy!!!!!dark!!!! - 9/10"
 Brent Toepper, Red Bull/Oakley/Release (USA)

 "Black Voodoo - This tune will sound massive on a big system, liking the fx especially the
 change in mood with the breakdown, then back into the tribal stomp. This'll work the floor
 for sure. Good stuff. - 8/10. Come on Children - Love the percussive elements of the track,
 very dark and twisted, perfect late night vibes. Useful as a transition record in a set in my
 opinion. - 7/10"
 John Wellings, Chemistry/Rotation/Inafewdays Recordings/ILR (UK)

 "Black Voodoo - sick sick sick! awesome track!! - 8/10. Come On Children - nice! - 8/10"
 DJ Dan Catron, Velocity Promotions/Release (USA)

 "Style , Thanks for the tracks - These are both solid dark & dirty grooves .. I get one in show
 for sure ... "
 2 Tall Keith, Sirius (USA)

 "Black Voodoo - david phillips, i love you, keep it coming. - 8/10"
 Dirty (Chris Arnold), LFO Radio/Electric Soul Patrol/WEVL/Release (USA)

 "Sick, dirty, bleepy tribal beats. Big track that I have had in my sets for a bit now. Solid. Keep
 up the good work. 9/10."
 Jon Viera, Escuro Recordings,

 "Black Voodoo - nice shaker (or w/e that is) comin in a 1min. - 7/10"
 Sultan, Yoshitoshi/Release Records/Tao/Swift (Canada)

 "hmmm good deep tribal power, i will play both sides...chunky one! - 9/10"
 DJ Klang, Balance (Mexico City)

 "love it. Both are very driving, with that grungy twisted feel to it,, I absolutely love and always
 seek tracks like this every day to include in my sets. oh and Voodoo people- just rediciously
 sic man,so grungy make even kurt cobain proud."
 Taner Kanlier, Release (USA)

 "black voodoo is sooooo hot! ive already dropped this twice and fully controlled the room!
 good job on the consistency!"
 Nathan Barato, Rawthentic Music (Canada)

 "Solid tribal for sure... 7/10"
 Tyler Stadius, ILR (Mexico/Canada)

 "Black Voodoo - 9/10"
 Fernando Ortiz, Club Vertigo/Release (Costa Rica)

 "BLACK VOODOO - Really like, it's a nice grooving track that can help string others together in
 a set. COME ALONG CHILDREN - I like this but it may be too fierce to play unless the time is
 right. Vocal sample is awesome and can see it really working in a big club."
 Lee Pennington, Riffraff/ILR (UK)

 "Black Voodoo is dark and sinister. Love the roll of the track, it puts you in a haunting space.
 Great for the all night sets."
 Jeff Belfi (Blue Room Project), Mixturi/CP/Vapour/Blueprint/Screen/Proton/ETN/ILR (USA)

 "Come On Children track perhaps lacking a little in melody for my tastes, but it's got a wicked
 chugging beat structure and an amazing amount of "bounce" to it with all the tribal drum
 patterns. Very cool, very spacey... Black Voodoo about the same feeling for me really... - 7/10"
 Peter Gordon, ILR (New Zealand)

 "Very solid track, nice and deep. Doesn't resort to the same old tired tribal tricks. One of
 David's best works to date. 8/10"
 Deviant, Toes in the Sand Recordings/HeadRush Music/Release (USA)

 "Black Voodoo - right track - 8/10"
 DJ Craig Demo, Twist/Compound/Billboard Chart DJ/Tone Control Music/Release (USA)

 "Black Voodoo - very good track - 8/10. Come on Children - like this a lot - 8/10"
 DJ Joe Drust, Utopia Nightclub/Cobalt/The Warehouse/Release (USA)

 "Black Voodoo - Will enjoy playing this one out. - 8/10. Come on Children - Liking this dark
 tribal track, will be in my top 10 for some time. - 9/10."
 Danny Rodrigues, Resurgent Records/ILR (Australia)

 "Black Voodoo - dark tribal magic - 8/10."
 Monty Q, Billboard DJ/Clubs Nationwide/Release (USA)

 "Black voodoo a cool tribal stomper. Liking it as a dj tool, perhaps a mid-set corker."
 Ron Levy (Shylock), Balance (USA)

 "Like the Black Voodoo track. Dark drummy tribally and techy, and the breakdown doesnt
 blow up, which is nice. very hypnotic.- 7/10"
 John Mack, Evolving Records/Balance (USA)

 "Black Voodoo - Nice groove Tough Track - 8/10"
 Justin George, Family Productions/Sound Therapy/NM Sessions/Release (USA)

 "I like the voodoo track... It’s deeper & darker, more my style, I’ll chart it next week! - 8/10"
 DJ Reality (Belgium)

 "Good - 7/10"
 Ivano Bellini, Balance (USA)

 “Good record, great drums. - 10/10”
 JT, Radio/Richmond (Canada)

 “This is my new favourite label. David Phillips rocks it on this one. - 7/10”
 Jeff Galaxy, Connect/Richmond (Canada)

 “Great beats. Long time since I have heard a record of this calibre. - 8/10”
 Yuri Wuensch, Leduc Representative/Richmond (Canada)

 “Great for the dance floor. Amazing bassline. - 7/10”
 Cary Chang, Feroshus/Richmond (Canada)

 “This label has always put out quality music.”
 Peter Mandziuk, Richmond (Canada)

 “Pretty good, great beats, Dig the tribal vibe. - 7/10”
 Charles Yearwood, Brand Marketing/Nike Canada/Richmond (Canada)

 “Side A takes it all the way. - 8/10”
 Dragan Jargic, Numark R&D/Richmond (Canada)

 “If I had to choose, Side A. Good bassline.”
 George Maniatis, VP Music Placement iTunes/Richmond (Canada)

 “The club went NUTZ. I love the drums. - 8/10”
 Randal Boiteau, Alpha Groove/Richmond (Canada)

 “Pretty good all around dance music. I love everything on this label. - 7/10”
 Dave Johnston, The Vue Magazine Music Editor/Richmond (Canada)

 “Very decent record. Bassline is so much fun and pushes this record over the top. - 8/10”
 Kevin Shiu, Lotus/Richmond (Canada)

 “Very good track. Drums and basslines are great on Jump. - 7/10”
 Micheal Oliveira, DJ Wizard/Richmond (Canada)

 “Again, decent record from Knob. Jump is a good mid-set track. Nice and deep. - 8/10”
 Nicky Delgado, Shine/Richmond (Canada)

 “Good all around record. Nice grooves. - 8/10”
 Darcy Ryan, Tech9 Media/Richmond (Canada)

 “I like the grooves, and bassline of the original. - 8/10”
 Chris Whittworth, Song Catalog/Richmond (USA)

 “I love this track! Good production with good shuffling drums. - 7/10”
 John Morgan, EA Music Lead/Richmond (Canada)

 “This will for sure sit in my crate for a long time. I love the tribal feel. - 9/10”
 Trek-e, Hell's Kitchen/Crush Lounge/91.3 CJZN/Richmond (Canada)

 “We ordered several of these for the store. It will be a good seller. - 8/10”
 Rob Tryptomene, Foosh Records/Richmond (Canada)

 “So glad this label is in the pool. This record is great. Will sell well here for sure. - 8/10”
 Nick Oliver, Revolution Records/Richmond (Canada)

 “Great drums. Super easy to use effects and do some fun stuff with. - 7/10”
 Ryan G, Nyce Records/Richmond (Canada)

 "b side worked best for me! Nice One! - 8/10"
 Andy Hughes, Balance (USA)

 "Good - 8/10"
 DJ Villo, Balance (USA)

 "Nice Tribal... - 8/10."
 DJ R-Man, Spundae (Los Angeles)/Frisky Radio/XTC Radio (London)/Mi Piace/Release (USA)

 "good stuff! - 9/10"
 Tini Tun, Fade Records/Balance (Mexico City)

 "Nice tribal beats perfect for those deep sets. - 8/10"
 Night Architeks, Promotions/Tasty Lick Records/Release (USA)

 "Black Voodoo - very good - 8/10. Come on Children - Love it! Great energy! - 9/10"
 Bill Hallquist, Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart/Release (USA)

 "Black Voodoo - ILLIN - 8/10."
 Dee Bass, Globalmastermindz/RCMB/ (Canada)

 "Black Voodoo - wicked tribal tech piece here. Great groove and dark sounds. Works ! - 7/10."
 Jelo, BugeyedRecords/2Wars/Eden Recordings/Universal Canada/Release (Canada)


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