Catalog#: KNOB004 

 Format: 12" Vinyl
 Date: Oct. 2005

 Format: Digital
 Date: Dec. 2005

   One-Sheet (pdf)


 PLAY  A - Graveyard Shift (Style & Zor Vs Apple Remix)
 PLAY  B - Nightbreed (Original Mix)


 A - Remix and additional production by Style & Zor @ Knob Studios, NYC.
 B - Written & Produced by DJ Apple.
 (p) 2005 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2005 Knob Records, Inc.


 "Graveyard Shift" is a track that travels down a path of night crawling action. The rhythm
 structure is made in a way that swings back and forth in a tight set of boundaries, bringing a
 haunting vibe to the dancefloor. The percussion rolls teamed with the sweeping and stabbing fx,
 really capture the mystique and darkness of after-hours music. This track is completed with a
 melody that is catchy but very deep and emotional, bringing life to the atmosphere. Altogether,
 this track will bring out the dancing machine in any clubgoer.

 Right from the vocal intro, "Nightbreed" lays the foundation of how people who are into
 electronic music feel most normal when being out amongst the sea of crowds getting down in
 the night, perfect for a djs intro. The rest of the track has a very aggressive percussion layout
 that carries into stabbing melodies. Two bass lines work together creating a real mean and
 tough walk. As this track picks up its pace, a true tribal hustle is created leading into a
 signature New York breakdown with all the makings of peak hour drama on the floor. The track
 then has an incredible streamlining building that slams back into the madness for an all out
 energy release.


 Reviewed by Derek Taylor in the December 2005 issue of M8 Magazine (UK)!

 KNOB004 has received support from Hernan Cattaneo, D-Fuse, Danny Rodrigues, Michael Ta,
 David Phillips, 2 Tall Keith, Nathan Barato, Dom Kane, Pascal Mantovani, Sean McClellan, DJP5,
 Tigerhook Corporation, DJ Muggles, Deviant, Andy Hughes, DJ Dan Catron, Fernando Ortiz,
 James 'Trek-e' Smith, Luke Dusk, DJ Craig Demo, Marcus Wortley, Deepologists


 "really like this.. Graveyard Shift (Style & Zor Vs Apple Remix)"
 Hernan Cattaneo, Rennaisance/Perfecto/ILR (Argentina)

 "Feck me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these are frightening!!!!!!! quality atmospheric tribal fodder!! anthems and
 a half!! but still keeping it dark!! Graveyard Shift is very very nice indeed. Will be playing for a
 long time!! Nightbreed is my fave here!! dark destroyer!! Is there any chance of getting vinyl
 copies of these? pllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee"
 Derek Taylor, M8 Magazine/Hostage Records/Foundations/ILR (Scotland)

 "Liking the dark tribal beats on both tracks.....both tracks provide excellent percussive
 programming and blend the styles of tribal vs tech house. Can't go wrong with these two."
 Danny Rodrigues, Resurgent Records/ILR (Australia)

 "Style & Zor remix of Graveyard Shift is cool. Firely beats, and a great flow to it. Tribal, that has
 just the right amount of sleeze and dance grooves to move dancefloors..."
 Michael Ta, Resident Advisor/OM Records/Bad Influence Inc. (USA)

 "B side on this one!"
 Andy Hughes, Balance Record Pool (USA)

 "Nightbreed - dj apple... new name to me.. but great stuff - 10/10."
 DJP5, Coronation Club Disco/Release (Malaysia)

 "love the intro - very haunting house music!..."
 Tim Belcher, Berwick Street Records/ILR (UK)

 "Original has a good vibe and dark sounds...It is definitely the pick of the 2 mixes..."
 Oliver Sterio, Source Of Gravity Records/ILR (UK)

 "This release is fantastic! I especially like nightbreed. Lots of dark sounds, and quite a powerful
 track. with great builds. I can just imagine the right crowd hearing this at the right time and
 falling into a tribal frenzy."
 Mike Jules, Stellar Bar/ILR, (Australia)

 "Another bomb from knob records. Both mixes are good but i am really in to B1 this is a late
 night madness tracks. Groove on ......"
 David Phillips, Decomplex Audio/Knob Records (Germany)

 "got it! i've listened and its tight boys!!!! real tight!"
 Nathan Barato, Rawthentic Music (Canada)

 "Loving it... Really well produced sounds, in a crafty catchy cut"
 Dom Kane, Combined Forces/ (UK)

 "Nightbreed - Dark Prog at its finest, lots of nice sweeps and a very tribal peak time kinda track,
 big room type stuff that should go over well! 7-10. Graveyard - Style Remix - Big stabs, very big
 peak time tunes that should go over well on any big system! 7-10."
 Sean McClellan, KVK/Bedrock Breaks/Source of Gravity/Vinyl Vice/Silver Planet/Gravitation

 "Like both sides! nice and dark"
 Jevne Miller, Balance Record Pool/Onethirty Recordings (USA)

 "nice. chugger."
 Tigerhook Corporation, Balance Record Pool (USA)

 "Nightbreed by DJ Apple(Knob004) is representing the Florida WestCoast to the fullest
 extreme, tribal bizness from one of Florida's True Playaz, worthy of the platters + dark &
 Dirty just how we like it!----Peace & Respect, Muggles."
 DJ Muggles, Painted Puppy (USA)

 "Solid tracks."
 Deviant, Balance Record Pool (USA)

 "im loving everthing on this label!! - 8/10"
 DJ Dan Catron, Velocity Promotions/Release (USA)

 "Graveyard Shift - Great funk and baseline. I love the drums. - 8/10. Nightbreed - Good mix.
 I love the bassline. - 7/10 "
 James 'Trek-e' Smith, Richmond Records Pool/Release (Canada)

 Luke Dusk, Melusina Club (Luxembourg)/The Elevator (Luxembourg)/Trier (Germany)

 Fernando Ortiz, Club Vertigo/Release (Costa Rica)

 "Graveyard Shift - dope NYC sound - 8/10"
 DJ Craig Demo, Twist/Compound/Billboard Chart DJ/Tone Control Music/Release (USA)

 "Graveyard Shift - nice track - 7/10"
 Marcus Wortley, (UK)

 "Good groove! - 7/10"
 Deepologists, Built In Britain/House FM/Release (UK)


 KNOB004 Review: M8 Magazine, UK (December 2005 Issue)     DJ Apple 'Graveyard Shift/Nightbreed' (KNOB)

"I've been told this is the first published review of anything from Knob Records, so I'm very proud to be able to say that you heard it here first as your going to hear a lot from this fantastically named label. This is actually the 4th release but by far the best so far. First up is the Style & Zor remix of 'Graveyard Shift' which is set to raise a few neck hairs with it's powerful synths. Wait till you hear 'Nightbreed' though! Relentless tribal-tech which breaks into one of the best and darkest melodies I've heard for a long long time. You need this as much as you need to breathe!"

M8/M8 (Derek Taylor)

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