Catalog#: KNOB003 

 Format: 12" Vinyl
 Date: Sept. 2005

 Format: Digital
 Date: Nov. 2005

   One-Sheet (pdf)


 PLAY  A1 - Original Mix
 PLAY  A2 - Style & Zor Beatz
 PLAY  B - Style & Zor Remix


 A1 - Written & Produced by Bass Rokwell @ ENY Flo Studios, NYC.
 A2/B - Remix and additional production by Style & Zor @ Knob Studios, NYC.
 (p) 2005 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2005 Knob Records, Inc.


 Knob is pleased to present the anticipated follow up to Bass Rokwell’s “Filters & Drums” which
 appeared on Steve Lawler’s label Harlem Traxx.

 Tribal house lovers are in for a timely treat, as the widespread search for original creations has
 come with this release. Once you hear the vocal, you'll never be able to forget it...

 The original mix is a techy dark and weird soundscape track with a thumping kick, full percussion
 lines and flanged out metal drums. The uniquely generated vocal is one of the freakiest and
 haunting sounds out there. The synth lines are the surprising elements of the track with a
 twisted sweeping pad laying the foundation for an arpeggio that resonates and filters, adding
 vivid color.

 The Style & Zor remix takes on the dance floor with their signature antagonistic drum run that
 packs a heavy blow with a fresh new, catchy tribal house sound. The kick has a double pump
 action met with hard banging tribal drums, demanding bodies in motion. A reverberating vocal
 stab is snuck in the back door along with a conga line propelling the rhythm forward. The
 cleverly worked vocal and effects take the track to a higher level. When everything comes
 together, it makes for a fast moving tribal workout.


 Reviewed by Michael Ta of and received an 8/10! Read full review!

 KNOB003 has received support from Jonathan Lisle, Johnny Vicious, Denny Tsettos, DJ DRC,
 2 Tall Keith, David Phillips, DJ Apple, Nathan Barato, Nils & Tooms, Dave Pezzner, PJ,
 Paul Kwitek, Oscar Poche, DJ Ella M, Deko-ze, Chloe Harris, Mark Kovach, Jack Chang, DJP5,
 Andy Hughes, Matt Kling, Deviant, Groovefire, Pascal Mantovani, DJ Joe Drust, Brent Toepper,
 Dirty (Chris Arnold), James 'Trek-e' Smith, Leni K, DJ Craig Demo, Monty Q, Justin George,
 Zagros & Pacific, Joe Slim, David Lee


 "Super sexy tribal panned out shit! Oh yeah baby, bring it on! Makes me wanna belly dance in an
 eerie cave somewhere far away."
 DJ DRC, Undefined Musik/TRC Distribution/Blue Moon Productions/Knob Records (USA)

 "Style & Zor Beatz - great groove."
 Denny Tsettos, Sirius Satellite Radio/WKTU (New York)/Billboard Magazine/Release (USA)

 "Very cool and very dark house mixes on this release. Like the tribal feel and the spooky vibe
 that's going on. Certainly not a release that is for everyone's liking, but perfect for those late
 night club moments...A refreshing change from the more electro-bleeps by the numbers that
 seems to be going around at the moment, and nice to see a label sticking to its roots and
 avoiding 'trendier' sounds.
 PJ, Infamous Light Recordings (Australia)

 "Great record....will get Great spins on my radio show. Quirky, & Deep...this is different from
 everything I have been getting and it stands out!"
 Oscar Poche, Media Services NYC/80 Proof FM (USA)

 "Style & Zor Beatz - wicked beats - 10/10. Style & Zor Remix - very hot beats - 9/10."
 Monty Q, Billboard DJ/Clubs Nationwide/Release (USA)

 "Loving the Style & Zor dark and brooding mix."
 Deko-Ze, Balance Record Pool/Release Records (Canada)

 "Deep & Forward thinking. A+++. Will play record again. And again."
 Dave Pezzner, Jacob London (USA)

 "Wow. i love this. its funky and stomping but has a great spookiness to it. aces!"
 Chloe Harris, Progressive Sounds/Balance Record Pool/Proton Radio (USA)

 "B side best on this one! WOW what a strange / cool record!!"
 Andy Hughes, Balance Record Pool (USA)

 "One of the most interesting, disturbing tracks I\'ve ever heard. Scary shit. Love it. I prefer the
 original mix."
 Deviant, Balance Record Pool (USA)

 "I played the Original Mix earlier on in my warm up set , I really like the way that some of the
 sounds pan from speaker to speaker , gives it a nice feel to it. Main track from the E.P for me
 has got to be the Style & Zor mix .. nice and chunky maintaining the energy throughout.
 Style & Zor Beatz mix is a nice little tool to use as well."
 David Lee, hedFUNK/The Lab Sessions, (UK)

 "I will be playing the Bass Rokwell Style & Zor Remix for sure, nice and groovy tune."
 Paul Kwitek, Existence (Canada)

 "I like da beatz."
 Martin Villeneuve, Tao (USA)

 "Love Tribal and the Original delivers as it's one of the trippiest, darkest, and scariest cuts I've
 heard for sometime, though it's honestly not danceable, this is proper drug music for the
 wicked. Style & Zor Remix runs with a more danceable tribal version. Works pretty well as it's
 more assessable compared to the original mix."
 Michael Ta, Resident Advisor/OM Records/Bad Influence Inc. (USA)

 "I quite enjoyed the Style & Zor remixes for their tribal elements, and this EP makes for some
 good listening..."
 Mike Jules, Stellar Bar/ILR, (Australia)

 "Good job guys!!! I'll be rocking this for sure! I like the remix most btw."
 Nathan Barato, Rawthentic Music (Canada)

 "I FREAK OUT !!! The 1st version is amazing! I chart this song for sure!!!"
 Pascal Mantovani (Canada)

 "This is a very cool release. Goooooooood. I like all mixes. And it´s good for my dj sets. Think
 they rockz."
 David Phillips, Decomplex Audio/Knob Records (Germany)

 "Style , I got it - Your mix is nasty - I'm digging it - I'll get in next weeks show - Also I'm
 starting to do some shows for Sirius satellite radio - I'll also put in there for you..."
 2 Tall Keith, (USA)

 "Floor pounding tribal house with an almost haunting voc. Style & Zor rmx really stands up
 with solid development."
 Tad Sumner, Balance Record Pool (USA)

 "The Style & Zor remix is cool, like the beats!"
 Jevne Miller, Balance Record Pool/Onethirty Recordings (USA)

 "something about the eeriness I like about this - one of the few tribal tracks I would play
 dEMI, ILR/Deeper Substance/SOS (UK)

 "Style & Zor Remix - great chuggy tribal - 10/10"
 DJ Joe Drust, Utopia Nightclub/Cobalt/The Warehouse/Release (USA)

 "excellent remix - 9/10"
 Dirty (Chris Arnold), LFO Radio/Electric Soul Patrol/WEVL/Release (USA)

 "wierd shit, cool pan action with some tripped out sounds. - 9/10."
 Brent Toepper, Red Bull/Oakley/Release (USA)

 "Killer drums. Love the vocals. I love the vibe. This is killer. I love the drums. - 8/10."
 James 'Trek-e' Smith, Richmond Records Pool/Release (Canada)

 "Style & Zor Remix - Awesome Trac! Gr8 for early night! great beatz! - 8/10."
 Leni K, K&S Project/Star 69 Records/Billboard (USA)

 "Style & Zor Remix - tight deep sound. good beatzs :) - 8/10"
 DJ Craig Demo, Twist/Compound/Billboard Chart DJ/Tone Control Music/Release (USA)

 "Style & Zor Beatz - Nice tribal - 9/10"
 Justin George, Family Productions/Sound Therapy/NM Sessions/Release (USA)


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