DJ Style - So Bad

 Catalog#: KNOB002 

 Format: 12" Vinyl
 + Digital Download

 Release Date:
 March 15, 2005

  One-Sheet (pdf)


 PLAY  A - Original Breakin' 'er In Mix
 PLAY  B - Midnight Society vs. Corbo Remix


 A. Written & Produced by DJ Style @ Knob Studios, NYC.
 B. Remix and additional production by Midnight Society and Rick Corbo.
 (p) 2004 Knob Records, Inc. (c) 2004 Knob Records, Inc.


 The original mix by DJ Style is a unique progressive break with a seductive female vocal, lush
 effects and a dark didgeridoo tearing up the track. The flip side features a massive tribal remix
 by NYC's own Midnight Society and Rick Corbo. The in your face bassline along with the groovy
 and sexy drum programming says it all.


 DJ Style - "So Bad" (Midnight Society Vs. Corbo Remix) debuted at #3 and reached #1 on
 the Evolution Record Pool chart! "So Bad" reached #12 on the Balance Record Pool chart and
 #14/50 on Rickett's Record Pool chart!

 KNOB002 was reviewed in the UK by Dom Kane on and received a 9/10!

 The original mix was featured on New Years Eve Around The World with DJ Villo and on
 the Balance Proton Radio Show. The remix was featured on South Florida's 93.1 FM on the
 In Da Mix With Party Mixologist - 2 Tall Keith mixshow, and on 2 Tall Keith's new
 Energy 92.7 FM mixshow in Arizona. It was also featured on t2Blender - DJ Tony Tee's mixshow.

 KNOB002 has received support from Satoshi Tomiie, DJ Taucher, Funky Junction, DJ Rap,
 Jackie Christie, Tracy Young, DJ Hardware, Cass, Chris Salt, Vinny Troia, DJP5, DJ Dan Catron,
 Jonathan Ojeda, Robert Oleysyck, Mark Oliver, Glenn Bennison, Jevne Miller, Deko-ze, DJ DRC,
 Nils & Tooms, Thee-o, Pablo Ferna, Kevin Shiu & Nicky Delgado, DJ Pushkin, Derek Taylor,
 Pascal Mantovani, DJ Tony Tee, Andy Jusuf (Satellite), James 'Trek-e' Smith, Alain Jackinsky,
 Sultan, DJ Craig Demo, Monty Q, Pierre (Evolution Record Pool), Stephan Grondin (X-Union),
 Rabies & Alian, Gilles Massicotte, Dj Candela, DJ SKiTTEL'zz, Joeslim, Tina Leiu, Joel Roberts,
 Bill Hallquist, DJ Reality, Brent Toepper, Ariel Cybana, Deepologists, Fredrick Gabelmann,
 Dee Bass, Deepsky
, Serge Devant


 "Cool tunes, enjoyed it.."
 Satoshi Tomiie, Saw Recordings (US)

 "Original - power breaks prog perfect in any kind no more to say - 10/10. Remix - good groove
 nice synths perfect vocals atmasphere and arrangement prog at its bests like it. - 8/10
 play both on my german radio show \" adult music \" on sunshine live every sunday 22-02
 o clock set, and in clubs thanks."
 DJ Taucher, Additive/Scuba/Avalanche/ (Germany)

 "Thanks a lot for sending this through dude. Digging the breaks mix, definitely something I
 could see myself playing outů Love those beats."
 Cass, Sabotage Systems (UK)

 "Original - awesome breaks here!! very different from the other releases from knob!! - 9/10."
 Remix - awesome again from Knob!! missed the first two releases before so thank you very
 very much - 9/10."
 Derek Taylor, M8 Magazine/Hostage Records/Foundations/Release (UK)

 "Original - good - 10/10. Remix - 8/10."
 DJP5, Coronation Club Disco/Release (Malaysia)

 "Original - really creative work with the sound - the tribal trip factor is massive! - this tune
 grows on me every time i hear it. - 10/10."
 Dee Bass, Globalmastermindz/RCMB/ (Canada)

 "Remix - GOOD - 10/10"
 Serge Devant, Crobar Resident/Ultra Records/Hooj Choons/Release (USA)

 "Remix - So GOOD! - 9/10."
 Bill Hallquist, Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart/Release (USA)

 "Remix - definate chart record - 9/10."
 DJ Craig Demo, Twist/Compound/Billboard Chart DJ/Tone Control Music/Release (USA)

 "Original - cool - 8/10. Remix - Nice groove - 8/10."
 Monty Q, Billboard DJ/Clubs Nationwide/Release (USA)

 "Remix - another dark, chunky track from you guys at knob - 9/10."
 Brent Toepper, Red Bull/Oakley/Release (USA)

 "Remix - a solid progressive release! - 7/10."
 Sultan, Yoshitoshi/Release Records/Tao/Swift (Canada)

 "awesome remix and great tribal feel to it! - 8/10."
 Ariel Cybana, Digitally Imported/365 Magazine/Release (USA)

 "Remix - excellent tribal work. - 7/10."
 Joel Roberts, Progressive State/Intelligent Music Alliance/Release (USA)

 "Remix - you go Curtis!!! - 8/10."
 Alain Jackinsky, Stereo/Parking Nightclub/Sky Pub/Saloon/Drague/Release (Canada)

 "Remix - killer track!! - 8/10."
 DJ Dan Catron, Velocity Promotions/Release (USA)

 "Original - Great drums again. Perfect for late night. - 8/10. Remix - DJ Style rocks it! So deep.
 - 8/10."
 Trek-e, Hell's Kitchen/Crush Lounge/91.3 CJZN/Richmond (Canada)

 "Remix - Sooooo Bad! - 9/10"
 Deepologists, Built In Britain/House FM/Release (UK)

 "Remix - Solid dark funky house - 8/10."
 Vinny Troia Cuurve/Release (USA)

 "Original - 8/10. Remix - 8/10."
 Fernando Ortiz, Club Vertigo/Release (Costa Rica)

 "LOVING the chunky Midnight Society remix!! - 8/10."
 Deko-Ze, Balance (Canada)

 "Very Good - 7/10."
 Thee-o, Balance (USA)

 "b side - very nice groove - 8/10."
 Robert Oleysyck, Balance (USA)

 "Midnight Society Rmx: Great - 8/10"
 Ivano Bellini, Balance (USA)

 "Good - 7/10."
 Glenn Bennison, Balance (USA)

 "liked both sides, preferred progressive side. - 7/10"
 Andy Hughes, Balance (USA)

 "i like the midnight s mix here! good creeper prog vibes. good for and early set up to some
 Jevne Miller, Onethirty Recordings/Balance (USA)

 "midnight society mix - 8/10."
 Mark Oliver, Balance (USA)

 "nice, big and heady ;)! - 8/10."
 Jonathan Ojeda, Balance (USA)

 "Good - 7/10."
 Deepsky, Kinetic/Perfecto/Yoshitoshi/Balance/Release (USA)

 "Remix - Nice peak hour material. I will be playing this on my next broadcast. - 7/10."
 Fredrick Gabelmann, Reticent Recordings/Reticent Radio/Release (USA)


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