DJ/ Producer Justin Johnson has been rocking the dance floors of North America for over 21 years. Justin originally began DJing back in '85 on his high school radio station, KSRH. In '94, he packed his bags and moved to NYC. He began working at Satellite Records in New York City and quickly became a main buyer and the stock manager for all 3 stores (Boston, NYC, Atlanta). After years of consistently rocking the North East, he became known as the "King of Breaks". An appearance at a massive NYC festival (5th Element) was so impressive that it even caught the ears of The New York Times. The summer of 2003 saw him touring around the country on the Area 2 Festival, which featured Moby, David Bowie, Busta Rhymes, John Digweed, Carl Cox, DJ Dan, Tiesto, and Dieselboy.

Justin's mix of tribal house, disco house, funky house, sleazy house, and funky break beats has made him a favorite at countless raves, clubs, and special events. His influences come from all aspects of music, and he always brings the funk with him. His mix tape and CD series has been applauded for his flawless mixing skills, unique record selection, and excellent programming. Justin's production skills only add to his talent arsenal. He has received great reviews and sales on tracks like '97's "Laser Blast", '98's "Cranberry Breaks", '99's "Supernatural"(w John Selway), all on Don't Panic Records. Then came the overwhelming success of his own breaks label, Barely Legal Records, featuring raw break beat tracks like "All the Ho's" & "Hot Butta" by King-Size USA founder Scotty Marz.

Never satisfied, he has started Cable Recordings with fellow former buyer/ manager at Satellite and best friend DJ 3PO. The first release on Cable, Secret Society’s 'Stolen', caught massive worldwide attention from DJ’s such as Danny Tenaglia, Breeder, Quivver, Hybrid, DJ Dan, Satoshi Tomiie, John Creamer, Danny Howells, Taylor, John Digweed, Anthony Pappa, & Seb Fontaine, just to name a few. "Stolen" was also featured on Taylor’s "Synaestasia" mix CD on Ultra, as well as Dave Aude’s "Nocturnal Wonderland" mix CD on Moonshine. Most recently, the track was featured in Showtime’s "Queer As Folk" series. (Germany) picked up the track for European sales and gave it new life once again and saw another licensing to Slam's CD on Fabric, as well as being played by Laurent Garnier.

His single "Psychological Warfare", as Secret Society, features a remix by Stephane K (John Creamer’s partner) was signed and released by Ultra Records' "You" label to massive international appeal as well as licensing to Rui Da Silva's "Miami" Travellers series mix CD. As he prepares Cable's next several offerings, Justin continues to amaze the crowds with his live skills and please listeners alike with his new and original efforts.

There are thousands of DJ's across the globe, but few can compare to the natural talent, experience, and skills of Justin Johnson.

In 2008, Knob Records features a Justin Johnson remix of Benny Blazin's track, "Psychedelic".

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