The idea to establish the music project Hi-Jackers Space belongs to Andrew Lerih. He has been in show business since 2002, being a member of the international association of model agencies with a diploma, a high standard photographer of models. He has a private photo-studio and a model agency. His staff has always been up to the mark not only in the region but in federation as well. He has always been a success due to his natural understanding of talents, sense of style; he has been accepted by the outstanding representatives of the Russian show business. It was just impossible to realize all his plans, thus he has come to a decision to establish an international project and produce it. The basis of it was modern and constantly developing flow of electronic music. The establishment of project was of high standard; Andrew has established not a group of musicians, but a prominent picturesque show, having lively musical and vocal parts, choreographic productions. So the maintenance of the group started. They were to be not only skilled musicians but members of the team. Working hard on the project Andrew realized that first of all they needed proper stipulations for work. In a few months a recording studio was established, now properly equipped it is number 1 in Nizhny Novgorod. The musicians of Nizhny Novgorod treated Andrew and his work with interest; he in turn tried to look for the proper members of his future team. After the meeting with the sound producer Nick Voronyatov they decided to create in a team. Nick was attracted by high level of equipment, Andrew in turn by professional skills of his new partner. That was the start of the new project Hi-Jackers Space. A famous Nizhegorod musician and DJ Sasha Virus was the next to join the team. Sasha started to work on the debut album. He was deep in that work, thus in three months all sound tracks were ready. In that period the show itself was being prepared. The necessary equipment was ordered, being the best among existing. The work on the tracks circulation was being performed on foreign labels. As a result the album was ready; all the tracks were issued abroad on different sound producing labels. In four months Andrew worked with a group of professionals including a musician, sound producer, system administrator, concert director, project choreographer, creative director, a group of dancers. But the manager was still not satisfied .He decided to organize a vocal casting and look for sessional vocalists. The group of vocalists joined the music, which sounded brightly and enough. The result is evident and for sure will be accepted by the public sharing the success of the project Hi-Jackers Space. Now the project is being constantly improved, the equipment is being renovated; the team is working hard on new projects.

In 2007, Knob Records features Hi-Jackers Space release,
"All I Want EP".

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