We are looking for tribal, progressive, house, tech, breaks and cutting edge electronic sounds.

 Please send demos to the following email address only:

 File too big for email? Try: or

 All demos will be listened to. Snippets and/or partial tracks will NOT be considered.

 Knob does not release tracks with uncleared samples so please do not send any as demos.

 If we are interested, we will get back to you shortly. Thanks!

 How many tracks are needed to get signed?
  Knob prefers atleast 2 (the original, a dub and/or a remix) or 2 or more different tracks.

 What kind of deal do you offer?
  Artist get 50% on an EP of 3 or more original tracks or remixes. 40% for only 2. 30% for 1.
     Remixers get 30% of their remix.

 When will my track/EP/album be released?
  Knob's roster is constantly expanding. The sooner we get ALL the materials/info needed, the
     sooner you will get placed into the release schedule.

 What materials/info are needed?
  Please fill out and send this form: KnobArtistInfo.txt
  Signed Knob Agreement - You can simply scan the last signed page and send by email.
  Tracks - UNMASTERED 24 bit, 44.1 kHz .WAV or .AIF files. We'll do the mastering.
     (Please turn OFF all compression/limiting on the master bus of your tracks. Tracks cannot
     be mastered properly if they are squashed already and look like a brick in a wav editor!)
  Original samples and parts used (for remix possibilities)
  Biography (include other labels featured on) and/or Press Kit
  High quality artist picture and/or logo
  The name of your studio. Example: Produced by DJ Style @ Knob Studios, NYC.
  Performing rights organization for publishing (ASCAP, BMI, SPA, etc.)
  Artist official website
  Your Paypal email address (that is how payments are sent)
  Myspace page - Join the Knob Team:
  Facebook page - Join the Knob Team:

 Where should the material be sent to?
  Please send everything to: or, you can mail to our address:
  Knob Records, Inc.
    216 East 29th St., #3A
    New York, NY 10016

  Please send your material in a small envelope and ship using regular postal mail. You're
     shipping to a PO box so please keep the envelope small.

 Will this be a digital or vinyl release?
  Every release will be digitally distributed to all the major download sites.

 How will the release be promoted?
  Knob currently uses the following promo services: Balance Record Pool, Release Promo,
     Richmond Promo Pool and Knob's Promo List.

 Can I promote the track on MySpace or another site?
  Please remove any signed tracks from MySpace or any other web site. When the promotion
     of your release begins, you will be notified and given snippets to promote on those sites.

 How can I join Knob's Exclusive Promo List?
  As a benefit, every artist will be added to Knob's Exclusive Promo List and will receive the
     latest Knob releases! You must submit feedback to remain on the list.

 Can I do a remix?
  Artists will be given the opportunity to remix other Knob tracks. When we feel you're right
     for a particular track, we will offer you a remix opportunity.

 Can I use the Knob logo on a promotional flyer or anywhere else?
  The Knob logo is a registered trademark of Knob Records, Inc. Please obtain permission first.
     You can get the logo on the Download page.

 Which events can be added to the Knob Events page?
  Any events that have Knob Records or the Knob logo on the flyer. Please send high quality
     flyer images and we will help promote the event on the Events page.

 When do sales start coming in?
  We've found it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months from the release date before any sales
     come in. New artists sometime take longer. Stores pay the distributor who then pays Knob.
     Each store has their own payment schedule. They pay monthly, quarterly, or various times.

 How are royalty payments sent?
  Knob uses Paypal to send payments to countries outside the US. Paypal charges an exchange
     rate fee. Those within the US can use Paypal as well or receive a mailed check.

 When can I expect my first royalty statement?
   Please remember it takes time for digital sales to accumulate and depends on the success of
     the release. For most artists, especially new ones, it takes atleast a year.


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