Luis Filipe Marques Godinho or as we know DJ Dextro, was born in 1976 in portugal,soon he realise that his world was the music and the art of Djing. His musical references to start were Danny Tenaglia, Tony Humphries, David Morales, DJ Sneak, George Morel, DJ Pierre, Armand Van Helden, Angel Morais , Frankie Knuckles, M.A.W, DJ Vibe,Lil Louis,Klf,Afrika Bambaataa,Glen Underground,Felix the Housecat ,Joe Claussell,Larry Heard and meny more... So at the age of 15 Dextro start DJing in many clubs where he was resident (Al Foz, KaXaca, Qt do Lago, Via In , Sound Planet, Kastel Club). Mean while at 1998 Dextro won the 2th place in the DJs championship of the well know magazine dance club with an amazing set of tribal and progressive house. This was also the year that Dextro felt that he had to do more, so he add to his DJ profile the producer part! Depeche Mode, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Art of Noise, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Jackson Five, Barry White,Tecnhotronic,2 Unlimited,were the kind of Sounds and inspiration that Dextro looked for his music. 2002 was the year that he thought to form a DJs producers project that we all know as Redkone (Dextro & Di Paul), since then Dextro (Redkone) played in many clubs across portugal Azores islands and Asia @ Womb whit an entusiastic house music set. until now Dj Dextro has played with D-Formation, Chus & Ceballos, Bob Sinclair,Kenny Dope Gonzalez, Jaimy Lewis,Sunfreakz,Chocolate Puma,David Alvarado,Yves la rock, Rob di stefano, Kenny Hawkes, Simon&Shaker, Advent, Jesus Del Campo, Carlos Manaca, Mario Roque, Jiggy, Frank Maurel, Carlos Fauvrelle, Ohnishi and others...


1-LL Project - khine 3 (Redkone Synthetic Remixes)
Kaos Records PT

2-Crystal Symphony - Native Woman (Dj Dextro Remix,Redkone Remix)
Tribo Recordings SP

3-Redkone - Where are you (Original Mix)
Loop 128 Records PT

4-Di Paul - Tribal groove (Redkone Analog Remix)
Magna Recordings PT

5-Redkone - Fenix (Original mix)
Magna Recordings PT

6-Shuffle Progression feat Diamond V - Hope to Dance (Redkone Helektric Remix)
Afroboogie Recordings

7-Di Paul - Fantazy (Redkone Remix)
Stereo Cool! SP

8-Alec Wizz - Drummin (Redkone Stomper Remix)
Magna Recordings PT

9-TTS - The Force (Redkone Trojan Remix)
Tribo Recordings SP

10-Chus & Ceballos vs Tedd Patterson - In Stereo (Dj Dextro Remix)
Stereo Productions SP

11-Offer Nissim feat Maya - Perfect Love (Redkone Lisbon Remix)
Star 69 U.S.A

12-Dj Chus - Black Rain (Redkone & P. Carrilho Remix)
Stereo Productions SP

13-Dj Paulo & Todd Duktevitch pres Tinta - Stay (Redkone Oporto Remix)
Pure Music Productions U.S.A

14-Redkone - Lost (Original Mix)
Escuro Recordings U.S.A 2007

15-Richie Santana - Drums Control (Dj Dextro Remix)
Stereo Productions SP

16-P.Carrilho - Fascination (Redkone Southside Remix)
Pure Music Productions U.S.A

17-Dj Dextro - Dark Star (Original Mix)
Session Trax Japan

18-Dj Dextro - Do You Know Me (Part 1/Part 2 Original Mix)
Session Trax Japan

19-Dj Dextro - Brighter Dreams(Original Mix) (Coming Soon)
Session Trax Japan

20-Dj Dextro - Moon Assault (Original Mix) (Coming Soon)
Session Trax Japan

21-Dj Dextro - Iluminated (Original Mix) (Coming Soon)
Royal House Records PT

22-Dj Dextro - End Of Summer (Original Mix) (Coming Soon)
Royal House Records PT

23-Dj Dextro - Nocturnal EP (Black Light-Electro Troopers-The Phantom)
Slanted Black USA

24-Dj Dextro -Electronik Station-Black Out-Take me to the Darkness (EP)(Coming Soon)
Magna Records PT

25-Mendo- Gold Strike (Redkone Algarve Remix)
Clarisse Records

26-Cytric feat Kieran- Let the Rhythm(Redkone Remix)
Slanted Black

27-Hugo Rizzo&Mark Rizzo- Drum o Cracy (Redkone Remix)
Slanted Black

28-Dj Dextro - Extreme Human Rituals (Original Mix)
Muaka Records PT

29-Dj Dextro - My House Is Yours (Original Mix)
FGR Records UK

30-Stereo Soldiers- Soul Reconstruction (Dextro Soul Mix)
Tanira Records PT

31-Dj Dextro- Under My Skin
Moomba Records P.T

32-Dj Dextro- Feel so Good(Original&Redkone Remix)
Slanted Black

33-The Southern Brothers-Dancing Free(Redkone Remix)
Xpress Musik Records

34-Nuno Rozz-Highest Level(Redkone vocal Remix)
Loop 128 Records

35-Dj Dextro-Musik Playback(Original and Frank Pellegrino and Rayzil Project Remixes)
Tanira Records

36-Dj Dextro-Makina Zero (Original)
TKC Music

37-Dj Dextro-Resonance (Original)
TKC Music

38-Dj Dextro-Ready..Set..Go (Original)Toru..s and Dj Tomer Remixes
Rok it Records

39-Manaša Chus&Ceballos-Strong Rhythm-Redkone part 1 and Redkone part 2 Remixes
Magna Records

40-Dj Dextro&Tarot-Do It Dirty-Original
Helvetica Noir Records

41-Dj Dextro-Animal-Original
Drum Central Records UK

42-Dj Dextro-Geometrik EP
Army Records PT

43-Redkone & Luca Ricci-Last inka Tribe
Aenaria Records

44-Marcelo Castelli-Just be-Redkone Remix
Muzik Express

45-Dj Dextro The Album-Under My Skin (13 tracks)
Slanted Black Records USA

In 2008, Knob Records features DJ Dextro's,
"Internal Affairs EP" and "Theory of Conspiracy EP". In addition, Dextro showcases his remix skills on Thee-O's, "The Music Makes Me" and Ricardo Motta's, "Kosmon" and was featured on DJ Style's compilation "Kilimanjaro".

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