DJ Apple, aka Jason Aparicio, has followed an incredible range of music since he was a youngster living in Brooklyn, NY. His house was like a musical zoo. He would sit on his grandmother’s lap watching her pull off funky Latin jazz riffs on the piano, while his pops would rock the conga drums. His Moms, who had the golden record collection and his older brother, would play music from all genres and everyone would jam out. Everything from Latin Jazz, Soul, Reggae, Rock, to Disco was in the mix. At night, he would stay up by himself and listen to Kool DJ Red Alert on Friday nights, and Chuck Chillout on Saturday nights on Kiss FM. Then later in the night he was enticed by the sweet mysterious flavors of the underground that he would soon know as house music.

Grandma put Apple to work learning drums and piano at Bromley’s Music Studio in Brooklyn at the age of 9. Due to family reasons, Apple soon found himself arriving in Tampa Florida at the age of 12, where he would continuously spread the music he loved to his friends and not before long to enthusiastic crowds that feed off his heart and energy, while he reciprocates deep soulful Latin rhythms over endless journeys to through life and all its wonders. His goal is to turn every party into a celebration of life and expression. Whether it's funky, dark, or uplifting, there is a time and place in his musical orchestration where these moods are brought to life, all part of one mix to stimulate the senses! Apple loves to mix up the rhythm structure with everything ranging from deep tribal house with plenty of chunky Latin percussion, to smooth Progressive, heavier Tech-House, and the occasional chunky Breakbeat to create a cutting edge sound spectrum. The energy level is always on point with Apple as he thrives on raw emotion. He has traveled the U.S. seeking to connect with people through our most natural and valued channel of freedom and humanity.

In the past 6 years, Apple has also become a well known producer, with releases out on Funklab and Extract Records. Apple sinks his heart and experiences into every track, making his style of tribal storytelling very unique. Extract #4, "The Cider House", is his latest project and is filled with juicy soundscapes and slamin beats.

KNOB004 features DJ Apple’s, "Graveyard Shift" with a remix by Style & Zor and his intense builder "Nightbreed".

In 2006, DJ Apple performed along with DJ Style at the ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL in Miami for WMC 2006. DJ Apple also became a reviewer for Knob. Knob also featured a DJ Apple Remix of Tribalishious, "Dirty Mind".

In 2007, DJ Apple under the Benny & The Jet alias appears on Benny Blazin's album, "Ancient Revival LP".

In 2008, Knob Records features a DJ Apple remix of Benny Blazin's track, "Psychedelic".

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