Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Joao Da Silva grew up exposed to an impressive amount and variety of music. From Pop, Rock, Blues, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Gospel, and Country, to the very best of Brazilian and Latin music.

With the arrival of the new millennium came his interest by electronic music, which prompted him to get in touch with the latest trends and events related to it. Inspired by the country's boiling club scene he decided to pursue a serious musical career, so after finishing high school he started studying the art of music production. The countless hours spent learning the craft finally paid off, when his first track was included in DanceClub magazine's compilation "FutureClub 3: The New Portuguese Beats" in 2002.

The feedback received was nothing short of amazing, and in 2003 by age 20 he was signing his first international record deal and landing his first commissioned

The debut single "Equinox" came in early 2004 and earned him respect and recognition among his peers and the public alike. It got played by some of the world's top DJ's, from Los Angeles to Tokyo, with Ibiza in between. Hot on the heels of the success of his debut he was asked to remix Danzel's 2004 worldwide summer smash hit "Pump It Up!". The remix was very well received by the DJ's and the public alike, getting airplay in some American and European radio stations and quickly selling out in several countries. It got his name and sound exposed to a whole new audience and in consequence opened a lot of doors in the music industry, thus enabling him to become a full-time music producer at a mere 21 years of age.

From then on Joao Da Silva produced records for labels such as SoundGroove Records US, Sheeva Records US, Ultra Records US, Radikal Records US, and Resonate Records UK, and remixed/collaborated with several artists, including Midnight Society, Constantino "Mixmaster" Padovano (aka Funky Junction), and Marscruiser, among others. His works were included in several compilations, such as Felipe Inoa's critically acclaimed "Tribal / Underground" on Radikal Records US, and he recorded performances for radio stations from the US and Europe to as far as the Middle East. Meanwhile his music earned the support of some of the biggest names in the industry and has been played at the best clubs all over the world by the likes of Tom Stephan, Jaimy, That Kid Chris, Luca Ricci, Evolved, Midnight Society, Geoff Gains, Funky Junction, Pete Tha Zouk, Felipe Inoa, FC Nond, Di Simmon, and many others. He also received a couple invitations to start his own record label, which he politely declined, in order to further concentrate on his production career.

The beginning of 2006 saw the re-release of his Danzel remixes, and the setup of his brand new fully equipped studio. For the special occasion of debuting the new setup Joao teamed up with long time friend Nelson Lino on a couple of studio sessions to see what they could come up with. Having successfully worked together before on a few Hip-Hop projects they wanted to see if they could replicate their studio chemistry, this time on a dance music related project. The resulting track was picked up and signed less than 24 hours after being completed, and by the following week was already being played in European clubs. Hence, the 'Da Silva & Lino' project was formed.

2007 started off with the inclusion of Joao's debut single "Equinox" in Sheeva Records US compilation "Main Room: Essential Selection" and the release of his brand new original "Jaded" on Escuro Recordings US. Besides the original versions, the release included the much anticipated 'Da Silva & Lino Remix' which received an overwhelming amount of feedback and support by some major DJ's. The record got played all over the globe, from New York to Moscow, with Amsterdam and Santiago de Chile in between, by the likes of Jaimy, Tom Stephan, FC Nond, just to name a few. It got them a big string of chart appearances by some of the top names in the field, had airplay in dance music radio stations, and garnered interest in them by several record labels a bit all over the world, from the usual places such as the US and Europe, to more exotic locations such as Colombia, Turkey, and Dubai (UAE). This wave of support and requests for new material led them to frantically start work on new originals and remixes.

The dawn of 2008 will bring the release of their remixes of Mystico's "Unknown" (featuring a 'Wagnerian' approach to House to be released on Escuro US) and their new originals "Wiretrip" (a tech-infused monster coming out on SoundGroove Records US) as well as "Baby, Let's Play House" (a lustful piece of music to be released as the first part of a multi-single deal on Knob Records US).

The beginning of 2008 will also be marked by the re-release of "Jaded", this time through Netherland's finest Fatal Music Group with a fresh pack of new mixes, which will also be featured on Jaimy's upcoming and highly anticipated compilation.

With a handful of releases slated for 2008 already garnering the support of some high profile names, the pair is currently locked in the studio working on a myriad of new originals and remixes, as well as preparing collaborations with a few singers and vocalists. Coincidentally Joao has been deepening his studies of Symphonic Music and Orchestral arrangements, which will help bring their productions to a whole new level. The New Year will also see them extend their reach beyond the dance music field and into urban music territory, through a couple of Hip-Hop and R&B projects.

In 2008, Knob Records features Da Silva & Lino's,
"Baby Lets Play House" which appeared on DJ Style's compilation "Free House". In addition, they showcase their remix skills on Solar24's, "Dreamfall EP".

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