Los Angeles based Producer/DJ Cryptic Circuitry (aka Steven Gray) has been a part of the Electronic dance scene for over 15 years. From producing original tracks, to live performances, remixing artists, and holding several residencies as a DJ, Cryptic Circuitry is an excursion into the heart of Electronica.

Growing up, Steven had many musical influences from classic acts such as Pink Floyd, Queen, the Beetles, early Hip-Hop acts and 80’s pop culture. At an early age Steven traveled the globe with his father, this gave him a unique opportunity to experience the music of many different cultures, giving Cryptic Circuitry a very eclectic palette. Cryptic Circuitry began his career as a DJ in 1999, playing Hard House and Trance, but he soon found that his true calling was a much darker harder style of house music. A storyteller at heart, Cryptic Circuitry is always looking for new ways to convey emotion and evoke thought through his sound. In 2000 Cryptic Circuitry took a brief hiatus from DJing and turned his attention to producing. He found it much more appealing to tell his stories using his own original work.

In 2006 Cryptic Circuitry would see the release of his debut album "Slutty Breakfast" It would be a compilation of his finest works from previous 6 years. Released on Knob records, this album quickly found a following on dance floors across America. Immediately following the release of "Slutty Breakfast" Cryptic Circuitry began production on his latest album "RED AUDIO" A continuous mix of his own original tracks and remixes, many of which were created live in-studio while the project was being recorded. The result is a gripping experience of dark driving Progressive House that is not easily forgotten, a true testament to Cryptic Circuitry’s creativity and devotion to his craft.

Currently, Cryptic Circuitry has returned to his DJ roots with his latest mix project in the works entitled "16 bits of Flesh" In this newest excursion, Cryptic Circuitry promises to take us on a tour of an even darker, more twisted side of Electro House. Cryptic Circuitry is following the path set forth for him over 15 years ago, to create the most moving music anyone will ever hear on the dance floor.

In 2006, Knob Records features Cryptic Circuitry's debut album titled, "Slutty Breakfast".

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Cryptic Circuitry

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