Chris Mason was born on the New Jersey coast in 1980. His first exposure to music draws mostly from his fatherís musical tastes including artists and bands such as The Beatles, Steely Dan, Peter Gabriel, The Police, U2, and Depeche Mode. He began playing the guitar at a very young age, and knew that he wanted music to forever be a part of his life. Chris was captivated by the sounds of electronic music after moving to Florida in 1996. With a thriving break-beat scene already in place, Chris was first exposed to the party scene and electronic music subculture. In 1999, Chris joined the US Navy and lived first in Chicago, then Seattle. It was in these places where Chrisí love for house music began. The house sound was something new for him, and he hasnít looked back since. Right away he began to explore into the creation of electronic music. The advent of Reason made it possible for him to continue this exploration, even while traveling the globe on a ship. Chris spent countless hours on his laptop, reading production magazines, and analyzing music; taking advantage of the sheer boredom of being at sea. Port visits during these deployments allowed him to experience the dance music culture of places such as Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and Dubai. After completing his service, Chris returned to Tampa, Florida and began to pursue his degree in electrical engineering at the University of South Florida. It was here were Chris linked up with many others who were tired of the break-beat scene still holding on in Tampa, and began to help push the house sound. In 2007, he began a production duo with Audiopilotís James West, and was given his first opportunity of remix duties for NYC house label Knob Records. After 7 years of immersing himself in production, he was eager to take on the challenge. Chris will admit that heís most at home in the studio, yet he also posses the DJ skills necessary to keep a dance floor moving. You can always catch him playing out around the Tampa Bay area, playing his own unique style of house, infusing elements of all the different subgenres into a melodic mix of musical intelligence. Chrisís future has no bounds with his desire and motivation to elevate electronic music to a new level.

In 2008, Knob Records features a West & Mason remix of Benny Blazin's track, "Psychedelic" and a remix of Snigal's, "Synthesis".

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